Introductions Are Due (15 Facts)

My mom always taught me to be well mannered and respectful, which included introducing myself to those I don’t know.  So, please allow me to introduce myself before we become wedding/fashion friends! I was originally planning  to write an introductory paragraph (its the English major in me) so that you, my readers could get to know a bit about me, but decided to go in a different direction, by telling you 15 things about moi:

1.  I’m 25 years old (I know I look 17! lol).

2.  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

3.  I’m SUPER in love with my boyfriend, of whom you will see me refer to as Babe 😉

4.  I change my nail polish every week (nail polish is my beauty product obsession).

5.  I love fashion and weddings, but find the lack of diversity in both industries to be saddening.

6. I’ve never been able to choose between pink or purple as my favorite color.

7.  I hate when people say tall women/girls shouldn’t wear heels (I’m 5’9″).

8.  During the day I work for Girl Scouts as a Community Outreach Associate.

9.  I tend to be drawn to things (clothes, shoes, sheets, accessories, etc.) that are colorful and funky.

10. I wear some kind of pearl accessory just about everyday.

11. I love board and card games!

12. I’ve had a sewing machine for 2 years, and have a very small clue of how to use it (Sad, I know! lol).

13. I believe the best weddings reflect the couple with personalized touches.

14. I loooove really good homemade food and almost any kind of candy!

15. I’m really excited about infusing all of my interest into Consider Me Lovely:  a wedding blog, and I hope that it provides inspiration many many brides-to-be and lovers of weddings, creativity, and fashion!!!