Blush + Gold

I hope every had a joyous Easter Sunday!!  I remember looking forward to Easter as a child because I knew I would get a new pretty dress, ruffle socks (of which I currently want), shoes, and hair ribbons (not to mention the Easter program!), but as an adult, I am glad that I no longer find buying a new Easter outfit a necessity for going to church to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection!  To me every day is a day to buy something new and strut my (or your) stuff :-).

Blouse:  IDK (thrifted); Jacket:  IDK (Vintage from Imperfect Concepts); Skirt:  Forever 21; Shoes;  Jessica Simpson (Marshall’s); Pearls:  Vintage from my Granny
It’s my first time wearing this skirt since this post, and I remain IN LOVE with it and how it makes me feel!  Though it’s 90 degrees out (we’re having a major drought in Southern Texas), the wind is blowing, which makes this skirt move beautifully ;-).
The few people who read this blog in its first month or so, may remember this jacket from my last post of 2010.  I’m so glad that I got the sleeves shortened, because I can wear it even in the warmer months!  I’m not a big fan of buttoning my jackets or blazers, but this jacket is SO LOVELY buttoned!
The buttons are so pretty; they’d make for some great earrings!
The peplum-esque silhouette of this jacket makes it my fave!
This look makes me feel so ladylike, feminine, and sexy, which is proof, that one doesn’t have to show all of her goods to feel or be sexy. 😉  Sexiness starts within.
People were definitely dressed in their new suits and church hats (of which I am determined to find one that will fit my hair, lol) this Easter, but the real star at church Sunday, in my book, was my 3 year old god daughter!