Female Empowerment One Gorgeous Bead at a Time

All images courtesy of Nakate Project
If you know me, or have even read a bit about me on this blog, you know that I am very into female empowerment (hence my having worked for Girl Scouts).  So many times, the degradation of women trumps the empowering of women in the media and the real world.  Therefore, I was thoroughly excited to learn about the Nakate Project from Elise Ostermann, my new Twitter buddy!
Nakate sells BEAUTIFUL necklace that are designed by women in Uganda who have AIDS, and the money goes back to women in African villages and their daughters!! 
 Cossy Nakate
The founder of Nakate, Shanley Knox writes of her story behind creating this amazing  organization:
“In 2010, we met 7-year-old named Cossy Nakate. Suffering from AIDS, orphaned and living in a small African village called Kakooge, Cossy impacted us in a way we couldn’t stop thinking about. We shared our lunch with her. We started paying for her food every month. But it wasn’t enough. We knew we had to change not only her life, but the lives of the women in her village – and the lives of their daughters after them.

So, we brought home a sack of necklaces, and we started the Nakate Project. That was our piece of Africa, our way of beginning to carry Nakate with us into our every day lives – so we wouldn’t forget her, or the way we had pledged to make a change.”

The necklaces Nakate sells are made from reccyled beads in a variety of colors and styles, that are perfect for SPRING/SUMMER!!
Nakate wants to put a bit of Africa in all of our lives, and hopes that we will pass a little bit of Africa on to others.  To help them do just that you can support their fundraising efforts, by making a donation, following them on Twitter, following them on Facebook, buying a necklace, and/or blogging about it!!
I am honored to be an advocate for the Nakate Project as they do their best to empower women and girls in Africa; I hope you too will do your part to support them (every little bit counts)!!