Rainbow Bright

(image courtesy of RainbowBrite.net)
Confession:  I was a MAJOR Rainbow Brite fan growing up!  I used to watch the show; I would use her phrases when talking with my friends; and I even had the bed sheets and pictures in my room.  She was my hero! lol  20 years later, I still have a special place in my heart that smiles and gets excited thinking about Rainbow Bright.  This week, that translated to my nails.
They are so fun! These are not nails that say I am serious, but that I am happy and at peace in my own skin.  Even Babe, who doesn’t comment on my nails (since they change every week), took notice and was like, “nice nails,” lol.
From L to R:  Zoya:  Michelle; Avon:  Sunshine; Ruby Kisses (99 cents at the local beauty supply):  Sweet Red; Essie: Pretty Edgy; Zoya:  Gwin

I want to try this again in pastel colors soon!  Would you try wearing a different color on each nail?