Getting Old

Saturday my little cousin had a graduation party, and after helping set things up, I stayed around for a few hours, playing a bit of chaperone and helped however I could.  Watching my little cousin interact with her friends and dance to the “cool” music of today, I realized, I’m getting old! LOL Of course, I’m only 25 (turning 26 next month), but I remember like yesterday my little cousin being 9 when I went to prom and graduated from high school.  My how 8 years flies by!!
Shirt: Mossimo (Target); Pants: GAP; Shoes: Jessica Simpson
I am so in love with this oversize striped t-shirt from Tarjay; I found it while on a search for a striped tee worn by the lovely Bella. It’s super soft and lightweight; I think I’m going to buy every color (striped and solid) to wear throughout the summer!
In my haste to get to the venue to help setup in a timely manner, I didn’t have time to take photos in the sunlight, so I sneaked out of the party for a few minutes to have my mom take a few photos before she went home.  Of course whenever she takes my pictures she catches me laughing or talking, which makes for some quite comical photos, like the one below that I just had to share, lol.
I have NO idea what I was saying (with my mouth or my hands, lol), but this picture cracks me up every time I see it!
I hope y’all had a lovely Memorial Day weekend and wish y’all an awesome week!!!