I’m Becoming a Nail Artist

So, of course I am not becoming a nail artist (though I secretly would like to open a nail bar with talented artist, like Spifster, creating amazing designs), but I do like to try to steady my hand from time to time and put a bit of design on my nails!  This week I tried stripes/lines, and I am very pleased with how they turned out.
If you’ve seen some of my other nails post, you know the half and half/ two colors on one nail, is my go to when I want to add a bit of spunk to my nails, so I fused with my striped nail on each finger for some fun. 
Revlon:  Electric Pink and Gold Coin; Milani:  Black Sketch
I am absolutely crazy about this Gold Coin polish!  As the week is coming towards an end, I usually start thinking of what I want to do on my nails next, but I really want to wear this color for another week (I won’t because I have some other polishes I’ve been wanting to wear and I just can’t stand having the same nails for more than a week).
Do you do your own nails or are you a weekly/bi-weekly nail shop kind of lady?  If you do your own nails have you tried to create any nail art?  Tell me about it!