Spring Twist

(images courtesy of Spifster)

This week my nails were inspired by Spifster, my nail art shero!  Since I can’t get to Chicago to be honored with tricked out nails by her, I often visit her Tumblr for nail inspiration (or really just to look at the designs that I can never do, lol).  I had forgotten about the Christian Louboutin inspired nails until I visited her site last week, so I gave them a try with a spring twist!

I adore this PURPOSE ring made from glass, nails, and leather!

Instead of a red bottom and black top, I did a taupe/grey-ish color and yellow! 

Ulta: Set the Nude; Avon:  Sunshine

It’s pretty fun to see color on both sides of my nails!  A few times, I’ve forgotten that the yellow is under there and have been surprised, lol.  I think I am going to give it another try for next week, in other colors; I’ll be sure to share! 🙂  Would you try Christian Louboutin inspired nails?

  • JinkyO

    Hello. I found your page while searching for images of the Spring Twist hairstyle.
    My comment is that those 2-tone nails are absolutely lovely! I’m not much of a nail girl and this is the first time I’ve ever seen this paint under the nail technique. What the heck, I think I might try this! (after I finish twisting up my hair, of course).

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your talent.