When Creativity Strikes

I found this beauty in Gypsy Warrior’s (Etsy) shop, after becoming re-obsessed with chain rings thanks to the lovely Beautifully Invisible!  Though I ordered it and it’s being shipped, I am very impatient (in which lies the reason for my love-hate relationship with online shopping), so I got a bit creative.

picture taken with Instagram
I made a necklace a few years ago using this rope of chain, but it broke in January.  I’ve been holding on to it, thinking I’d make aqnother necklace, but creativity struck and I instead made a chain ring from it ;-).
I wasn’t very sure of how it would turn out, or if what I saw in my head would be feasible (since I’m not exactly a jewelry designer), but I am very pleased with how it turned out!

I can’t wait to wear it all of the time now (along with the one on the way and some others I have my eye on)!  The simple design of it makes it great for layering rings as well, and y’all know how I adore lots of rings!

Has creativity struck you this week?  If so, what was the end result?