In The Middle

Happy Monday Lovelies!!  How was your weekend?  I spent the weekend with my family and hanging out with my nephew at Ikea, plus some shoes I ordered arrived Saturday, though I wasn’t expecting them until this week some time.  So, my weekend was fantastic!  EXCEPT for discovering that the cleaners messed up the zipper of my brand new dress that I won from eShakti on Gorgeous in Grey, when I got ready to wear it to church Sunday. 🙁
I must admit that I wasn’t too devastated by not being able to wear this dress because though I ordered with custom measurements, it doesn’t quite fit my waist, but I was planning to fix that with a belt (a girl’s best friend!)  I’m going to take it to get a new zipper at the tailor, and maybe get the ways taken in, and I definitely won’t be using that cleaners anymore! 
The fit of that eShakti dress (along with some other things) have had me thinking about the ways bodies and clothes are categorized, and how sometimes, I just don’t feel like I fit into any of these categories.  With Fashion Week upon us, there will be lots of talk about the runways (I adore checking out the runways on, and one of the main focuses of these discussions will be the size, and ethnicities, of the models used.  
Dress:  Schrader (vintage from Imperfect Concepts Boutique); Belt:  IDK (Marshall’s); Shoes:  Jessica Simpson (Marshall’s); Necklace:  curtain tassel from Hobby Lobby; Jewelry: a mixture of handmade, vintage, and modern pieces (for a detailed breakdown, shoot me an email)
Most women are not the size 0 we see on the runway, and I am super geeked about the continuous growth of the plus-size (a term of which I am not too crazy about) fashion industry.  Nonetheless, as a gal in the middle, I am no runway model size nor am I the size of a plus-size model or woman, I sometimes feel like the middle child that feels overlooked.  At 5’9″, with 44″ hips, 30″ waist, and 36″ bust, I know I am not the only one who sometimes wishes to see a greater variety of bodies on all runways or kinda feels left out of the two categories of clothing, “regular” and “plus-size.”
Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOVVEE my body, hips, booty, and all!!  However, in my dream world designers would hire models of all body shapes and skin colors and send them down the runway, and make jeans/pants for women with wide hips and small waist, lol.  In the meantime, I am grateful for the blogging platform that allows me to see so many different women working their style and loving what their momma’s gave them!!
I don’t usually get too introspective here on the blog. I like to leave that to some of my lovely counterparts, but sometimes I just like to share what’s on my mind (the perks of a personal blog, hehe)!  I’d love to hear (well read) your thoughts in the comments.  Do you ever feel like you are left in the middle when it comes to the fashion industry?
P.S. For those who prefer the non-introspective me, I am absolutely smitten with this shirt dress!  I adore that I can wear it cinched  at the waist or over sized (which I can’t wait to wear with some booties).
P.P.S Since I won’t be making it to New York this week for blogger conferences and fashion week activities (but I will be there in February), I will be attending Fashion Night Out activities at the Houston Galleria; I hope to see you there Houston lovelies!