(what kind of gravity defying thing is going on with my skirt?! lol)
Happy Friday Lovelies!!  Every week I share pictures (from my cell phone, via Instagram, or my digital camera) of things that made me smile. 
These are some things that made me smile this week:
  • GRETTTAs that look and feel so much better in person than on the Steve Madden website (and i loved them on the website!).
  • Getting a much needed Macbook!  My eyes could not take another year of working on my itty bitty netbook (though it will come in handy when I’m on the go).

  • A bookcase from Tarjay (Target) as storage for some of my shoes!  I’m thinking every lady should get rid of shoe boxes and display their shoes on shelves; it really is smile inducing.
  • Talking to Tasha while attempting to shop for flats at DSW (Why must flats be so hard for me to find?!).

  • This full length sweater/coat from Decades that I spotted on Etsy; it really makes my heart swoon.
We all have things to be grateful for , and even when darkness and negativity seems to be trying to take over our lives, we have something that we can smile about.  So tell me darlings, what are some things that made you smile this week?