Your Body Is Fabulous- Nefferth

Every Thursday I  feature a lovely lady, bloggers as well as other gorgeous ladies I know or meet, who tell us what makes their bodies fabulous!  The purpose is to empower women to to accept and love their bodies’ as they are by showing women with various body types, skin colors, hair textures, and more.  All of the things that makes our bodies’ different, make our bodies’ fabulous!  This week I bring to you the stunning Nefferth from Rotterdam, Netherlands of Mode-Plus!

What makes your body fabulous?
My body takes me from A to Z. My body lets me use my talents to help others. My body gives and receives love. But it took me 30 years to appreciate my body. Thank God I came to my senses. I finally realized that my body is an unique design given to my care.

What is your favorite thing about how you look? And why?

I actually love, love, love three things about my appearance. For the first one I have to thank my dear mother for passing it on and that is my skin. Without too much effort, it glows and looks radiant.

For the second one, I thank my father. Being born in the Caribbean, women aren’t that tall, so I feel extra special for having my height (1m80). Last but not least, since April 2011 I went natural by cutting all of my relaxed hair to give my natural curls the space and freedom to be. I’m glad I did it.

What are your favorite things to wear to flatter your body or just help you feel good?

I’m a huge fan of Scandinavian style. It is the art of looking politely unpolished, so I naturally incline to flowy clothes that drape on my body, hence my love for maxi dresses and harem trousers. It all floats with my movement.

When it comes to finding clothes, what are some issues you come across? And how do you solve them?

Being tall and having some junk in the front, back and hips is not a challenge. It is a mission, hahaha.

And having a love for fashion like I do, doesn’t help either. Clothes are either too short or too small or too tight, or too whatever. But you know what, I have this saying: “wear you clothes don’t let your clothes wear you”. With this attitude I wear whatever empowers me more. So I expand my wardrobe with a mix of straight shops, thrift pieces to plus size brands. All is welcome as long as it compliments my body and personal style.

What role do you think the media plays in body acceptance?

I think media plays an important role in how man and women look at their bodies. We are bombarded with the perfect aesthetic, the right diet to be healthy, the perfect shampoo to get those bouncy curls, that specific lotion that rejuvenates and I can keep on naming examples. It is a constant pursuit of this idealistic view on life. No wonder so many man/women struggle with how they look if they can’t achieve this ideal.
What is your worth is you don’t look like the billboard guy/girl. If you don’t have a counter voice in your surroundings, it might be challenging to tune out this screaming voice of the media and society predicting what is hot or not.

What are your thoughts on female body acceptance and appreciation?

For me it is not about confidence alone, it is about accepting that there are good and bad days. I love my body, I love me but that doesn’t mean I cannot be insecure or wake up and suddenly hate my tights. My comfort in my own skin relies on embracing the good, bad and the ugly. I face that dark place, I accept these feelings too. Because feelings come and go. I let them be, I don’t let them define me. There’s nothing more sexy than when a woman realizes this truth. She will truly be her unique self.

Oh my, how I adore Nefferth and her real answers that made me laugh and think!!  Nefferth, I thank you for sharing with my readers what makes your body fabulous and hopefully empowering and encouraging in the process.