Defying Expectations

(love the accidental movement in this photo)

There are certain things that people expect to go together: little black dresses and cocktail parties, pencil skirts and pumps, wide leg/bell bottom jeans and platforms.  The pairing of these things are a bit of the norm and work wonderfully together, especially when each person adds their own special touch!  However, vintage silk shorts (seen before here) and high-top Nike Dunks aren’t exactly an expected pair, and I think it kind of makes this outfit lovely in its own right :-).

Cardigan:  Minnie Mouse for Forever 21 (Forever 21); T-shirt:  Mossimo (Target); Shorts:  IDK (vintage from my mom’s closet); Shoes:  Nike (Nike Outlet)

Sometimes I’m very smitten with my blurry photos, so I share them anyway :-).

We should never be afraid to step out of the box and defy expectations, whether it be in fashion, career, love, or overall life!  I find that when I do, wear, say what feels most authentic to me regardless of what others may expect is when I feel like my best self and am most satisfied with life.  What do you do (or want to do) to defy expectations my darlings?

P.S. Yes, I do jump on the trampoline with my niece and nephew from time to time, but it is an exhausting workout, lol.
  • Joy

    Wonderful words of wisdom. Life is short so do what you want 🙂 Lovin' the combo, btw.
    Joy x

  • WendyB

    What do I do to defy expectations? Hmmm…I don't know. I'd have to find out what the expectations are first!


    I love your shorts too too too much.

  • poet

    Lovely outfit! There need to be more ways to incorporate comfy shoes into stylish outfits, thanks for making a start! I have a pair of high-waisted shorts from my mother's closet in exactly that bright red color, but sadly they're not silk…

  • LaToya

    I loooove this look! 🙂 It's always funny the reaction I get from people when I wear my nikes….just goes to show – you can be cute and stylish without heels. Its all about the confidence! 🙂

  • Bajan Beauty

    A mickey and minnie sweater! Love the minnie cardi, I have a minnie Forever 21 v-neck sweater. Love your sneakers, those are very unexpected, I think sneakers always are unexpected when people are use to seeing you in high heels.

  • Jazmine Jade

    I love this!!! I definitely agree with taking risks and not being afraid to step out the box!

  • ebbyj

    I love the sneakers too! I want to cut my hair to the new growth and explore being natural. That is definitely an expectation I want to defy.

  • Bonnie

    Hello, red shorts love!! Colorful bottoms are definitely the way to go this season.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  • msgt

    Hey I'm watching you on 'deals'! Great job!

  • Thick Threads

    i really like the hightop nikes and the shorts. you look so cute 🙂


  • Sal

    Such a fun, funky, playful combination, Rocquelle!


    I think those kicks work with your look too! Good for you for wearing what you want. And I like the blurry shots…glad you included them. Sometimes they're just so pretty. I struggle with including them on my blog. I think I will.

  • Susan Tiner

    You look fantastic in red! I think you should wear more red.