Experimental Repurposing

Hey there lovelies!!! How have you been?  I truly needed that week off, but I missed you guys! It’s amazing how much this blog has become a part of my life, even if there is no one reading, lol. How was your weekend? Mine was lovely; I spent it doing homework, working on getting things done for my shop, mentioned in this post, and spending lots of much needed time with Babe!

Tank:  Forever 21; Skirt:  Calvin Klein (Marshall’s); Shoes:  Jessica Simpson; Belt:  IDK (Marshall’s); Necklace:  Nakate Project (More details coming in a future post)

You may remember this print from the maxi dress in this post, but I’d been toying around with the idea of turning this dress into a high waist maxi skirt in my head. So, I decided to experiment with the idea on Sunday morning!  I always find it useful to experiment with repurposing ideas before I actually get a piece altered. I tucked and pinned my maxi dress until I achieved the desired skirt effect.

Darlings, I must admit, I am SMITTEN with how my maxi will look as a skirt!! I have been on a hunt for the perfect (or semi-perfect hehe) maxi skirt for over a year.  I’ve purchased a few with high hopes, but ended up taking them back or giving them away, never worn.  With long legs and wide hips, I’ve come to the conclusion that to get the kind of maxi skirts I want, I’m going to buy a bunch of maxi dresses and alter them, lol.

Are you a fan of repurposing your clothes?  or Are you more of a wear it the way you buy it kind of lady? Oh yeah, if you are in the Houston area, I am still looking for a new seamstress, since Uche is out in LA now expanding her education and having a good time, so please recommend my dears!

P.S.  As much as I adore my beloved MADEE loafers by Steve Madden, I should have tried them on before ordering them online because they don’t quite fit the way I expected :-(.  I should have ordered a 9, but since I usually buy an 8.5 in Steve Madden heels, I thought that was the size I wore in their flats as well.  However, I was wrong and have decided to sell them after wearing 3 or 4 times :-(.  So, lovelies if any of you would like to buy them, shoot me an email considermelovely@gmail.com.