Pretty Rainbow

Good Monday to you lovelies!!  How was your weekend?  My weekend included lots of girlfriend time, which I loved!  Friday Ashley and I had a little craft party…wine, pizza, crafts, and girl talk, and Saturday I had dinner with friends (Shout out to one of my best friends ever Tiffany who reads this blog daily!!) I’ve had since we were like 8 and then helped our other friend celebrate her birthday at home hanging out and watching Kevin Hart and Mike Epps.  Sometimes life and responsibilities can keep us from just winding down and enjoying girl time, but I guess that’s what makes it that much more special when we get together!

When I was heading out for church Sunday, my niece said I looked like a pretty rainbow!  How sweet?!  She must have wanted some extra allowance or something, lol.  Sunday evening I had dinner with my mom, niece, and nephew, during which my nephew (who is 11 but thinks he’s a teenager) tells me “Auntie you don’t dress like a hoochie; you dress like a barbie doll.”  I tried my best not to laugh hysterically; these kids are a mess! lol

Dress:  Old Navy (Old Navy- same dress but solid); Belt:  Polo by Ralph Lauren (I think this was a gift from Tasha back in our college days); Clutch: Handmade by yours truly; Shoes:  Steve Madden (Marshall’s)
I don’t really shop in Old Navy much, except to buy things for my niece and nephew, because their clothes generally don’t speak to me, however, when I went in there for my mom last month, this dress boldly greeted me in the front of the stood, and I just had to have it!  Of course I had to buy a large to fit my lower half nicely, so a belt will be a definite staple when I wear this dress, but I ADORE the length the mid-calf large gives me.
As I mentioned above, Ashley had a little craft party so that we could start finishing DIY projects that we’d started and not finished. This clutch was one of mine!  I was doing some Summer cleaning, when I found a pair of EXPRESS jeans that I used to wear during college, but wouldn’t go pass my knees, lol.  I decided to make a clutch from it and started working on it in early August and never finished.  Since I only know how to hand sew (my sewing machine refuses to be my friend), finishing up sewing projects take much longer. Ashley had a skull necklace that was broken and she was getting rid of, and the minute I saw it, I knew it would be perfect on my denim clutch, and I am in LOVE with how it turned out!
What about you do you procrastinate on your DIY projects too?  If you do, working with a friend or friends definitely makes things so much more fun!
P.S. I’ve been playing around with shadows and my hair when taking pictures lately; I kind of like the idea of hiding my face a bit and letting the outfit shine. (I feel an introspective post coming on lol)