Clutched and Covered

You ever experimented with doing something (whether it be writing, cooking, diy projects, or anything else) and the end result blows your mind?  This is what I experienced last Friday, when I finished my latest DIY project!  I went to Hobby Lobby Thursday to pick up a few things to finish some handmade Christmas gifts and a few other things for my mom, and wondered in to the fabric section.  I bought this faux fur kinda hoping to make a clutch or to glue it to a clutch that I no longer wanted. Only I realized that I did not have a clutch I no longer wanted, so I proceed to hand sew a cover of sorts, but I did not imagine how wonderful the end result would be!

I not only was able to create a “new” clutch to carry, but still keep my beloved $5 clutch that I bought from the clearance section at Forever 21 many years ago!

Based on the reactions I’ve gotten, I realize that a lot of women would love something like this, so I will begin selling them (in a variety of colors and fabrics) on Etsy in the new year, if not sooner, as well as taking custom orders starting now :-).  Email me, for more details or to place your order!

  • Incognito

    Awesome DIY ! First the fact that your clutch only cost 5$ makes me like it even more, great find ! And I like its color in contrast with the fur. Lovely =)

    Absolute B. of Incognito

  • GFS

    Cute Idea! Make that Money Boo!

  • Ticka

    I am in love with this idea!! Fantastic!!


  • Lia

    This is so rad, girl! Great job, I love it!

  • Tanvi

    Clever, indeed! 🙂

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  • Katrice L. Mines

    I love it! You're so multi-talented!!!

  • WendyB


  • Bajan Beauty

    Fantastic idea!

  • tasha

    YESSSS girl. You better sell those clutch covers. They are super cute and you can keep your clutch. fab idea.