Color Is My Friend

On Saturday, mom and I had a mother-daughter girls night out of sorts.  We had dinner at Tokyohana for my cousin’s birthday, and then I went with her to a Christmas Party!  There was so much going on that I didn’t manage to get in outfit pics before or during the festivities, so these pictures were taken at like 2:30 in the morning when I got home (the things we do for blogging, lol), so pardon the not so grand quality of pictures taken with a flash on my point-n-shoot by a very exhausted lady, lol.
When I finally took some time to think of what I would wear, 45 minutes before I needed to leave the house (I have been mad busy working on my final and final projects), I first thought of wearing a LBD and my new twinkling shoes that came in the mail last week, thanks to The Fairy Hobmother.  However, I soon realized that I don’t own a LBD, because color is my friend (black not so much)!  I got this skirt last Christmas and have only worn it once, in this post; I definitely shall not go that long without wearing it again.  I have had this blouse for a few years, I bought it back when I was a Visual Merchandiser at Forever 21 (that job left me so broke, lol).  In the end I love how the purple and teal looked together and managed to be ready right on time!
Blouse and Skirt: Forever 21; Belt: Unknown (Marshall’s); Tights:  Calvin Klein (Marshall’s); Shoes:  Bakers (Amazon)
A close up of my shoes, from last week’s “SMILE” post.
I’m so beyond smitten with these vintage earrings!  They were the perfect little extra pop of color.
I turn in my final two projects today, for my Web Design and Graphic Design classes!  I am very excited about having a few weeks without driving all of the way to class and turning in projects, but I’m nervous about what my final grades will be.  I hope y’all are have AMAZING weeks so far!!!

P.S.  I joined the Shoeternity party the other day; feel free to Love My Look 

  • GFS

    Oh honey! If I saw you at a Christmas party, I would immediately force you to be my friend! I love this outfit! I need to break out my tights!

  • Bajan Beauty

    Love the color blocking and your shoes are fabulous! Your hair OMG!

    I know what you mean about having to finish projects, the end of the semester has been crazy for me!

  • Susan Tiner

    Color is definitely your friend, these colors are beautiful on you. I'm trying make friends with color too, but I'm still a little bit conservative.

  • Sal

    Go Team Color! Love this look. And swooning over the shoes, of course.

  • Mrs. T. Mac.

    Yes indeed the shoes are hot! Did I say HOT? I love the outfit with this colors together.


  • Ticka

    Color is your friend! The purple and teal look great on you!… And the shoes?! Loving them!

  • Vale

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww amazing shoes!!!!!!!!kiss


  • sacramento

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gorgeous outfit and shoessssssssssssss
    Love it all

  • Inez

    You look so cute! I LOVE those shoes!
    I'm gonna go vote for you good luck! 🙂