Half- Mooned

When I was thinking of which polish I wanted to wear for the week, I was thinking I wanted to incorporate red to celebrate the holiday season, but other the that i was slightly stumped.  I’d seen many Christmas nail designs on Nailside, but I really wasn’t in the mood for snowflakes and trees on my nails, as cute and easy as she makes it look.  Then I read Vahni’s post last Friday where she shared a picture of her nails done using Kristina’s tutorial and instantly knew, I wanted to give the half-moon mani another try!

My previous attempt at the half-moon mani was a major FAIL, lol.  It was probably due to my lack of patience and polish choices.  I used a metallic, which dries quicker, and a matte polish for the red, which dries quicker as well.  SIDENOTE:  If you use matte nail polish, putting a regular top coat over it, will take the matte away (which is what I did).
Revlon:  Fire Fox (Matte Suede) and Silver Dollar; Milani Nail Art: Black Sketch (not seen)
I decided to add a line of black for a little twist on the half-moon mani and to hide some of my mistakes :-). I really adore the extra pop the black gives it!

I will definitely be trying the half-moon mani again in the near future, hopefully without any mistakes, hehe.  Is it some thing you would try? What polish are you wearing this week?

Next week, I am going to start a link up of weekly nail polish post, so if you’re a blogger, I’d love it if you would take a few pics, create a post, and link up with me (it can be an old post as well)!! 

  • Ticka

    Cute pattern on the nails! And even though we didn't fully get to see the Mickey Mouse sweater, I love that too! =D



    I love your mani! It is so glam! Thanks for the shout, honey!

  • tasha

    Your nails look fab but i want all your arm candy lol

  • sacramento

    Gorgeous nails and accessories, dear Rocquelle

  • Tanvi
  • Slow Southern Style

    Love your nails! Whenever I attempt nail art I fail miserably, but I'm also not patient enough to achieve my desired results.