Hat Lady

Good Monday to you darlings!!  I hope y’all had a great weekend!  Mine was rather lovely, except with the semester being over, it doesn’t quite seem like the weekend is coming to an end, which is definitely a good thing :-).

We’ve been enjoying some Fall/Winter-like weather lately (though we are to be back in the 80’s later this week), so I am very much in a layering mood.  I haven’t worn this somewhat structured dress in almost a year, so I decided to pull it out and layer it with a tutu style dress that I bought at Target years ago, and I rather like the added volume in my hip/booty area)!
(a quick not so good picture of the bottom of the dress)
I’m sure some people at church, who hadn’t seen me in a while, may have thought I gained some weight in my bottom, but who cares, lol.  The two dresses kept me perfectly warm and cozy, along with with my sweater and sweater tights!
Hat:  Michael Howard (Vintage, won in a silent auction at a church function; another navy one I’m crushing on); Dress and Sweater: Gap (a vintage dress that gives a similar silhouette); Tights and Dress: Xhileration (Target); Shoes:  Steve Madden (similar)
As much as I love the way my layers worked together for style and function, the real highlight of this outfit for me was my navy hat!
I’ve lamented a number of times here of my issues with finding hats to fit my insane amount of hair, so when I tried this hat on at a silent auction and found that it KINDA fit my hair, I had to have it!
I grew up enamored with the hats women wore to my church (which is where a lot of inspiration for my hair styles come from), so I was elated when it became cold enough for me to wear it!  The wool, navy color, big flower, and dotted netting, all make the perfect hat for me.
Plus, I love the mystery that a hat like this allows :-).  I would really love to be able to wear more hats, so if you know of a place where I can find hats for women with A LOT of hair or big heads, please let me know, so that I can really become a hat lady! lol
I must give a shout out to the photographer for today’s photos, Tre, the anonymous moniker I’ve given to my 12 year-old nephew, who has taken a great interest in photography, even told me he wants a camera for Christmas!!  He always does such a great job and looks so cute leaning, squatting, and zooming to get the perfect picture :-).
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  • theatticbirds

    Love love love love LOVE the hat! Please tell me this is on a regular cycle in your fall wardrobe lineup!

  • Jamillah

    Oh I adore that hat on you!!! And I'm jealous of 80 degree weather, friend. Straight up jealous!

  • Susan Tiner

    I love it that the hat has a veil and I wish I had an insane amount of hair!

  • Fashion Tales….

    I LOVE hats very much! This one is lovely, especially with the netting.

  • Elle

    Very, Very Cute! I love that you added the hat!!!! And you look awesome in two dresses!!!


  • Frannie Pantz

    You look just lovely in this hat and I don't think anyone would think that you had gained weight, but you're right-who cares??!?! Love the bright tights as well!

  • Tanvi

    You look fabulous My Lady!

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  • sacramento

    Wonderful hat, Rocquelle. it enhances you face and pretty hair.