Your Body Is Fabulous- New Year

For those of you who are new to Consider Me Lovely, the Your body Is Fabulous series was born as a result of a book I once started writing/conceptualizing a few years ago, that was a mixture of empowerment and style tips. The book was to be titled Your Body Is Fabulous, So Dress Like It! So many times women live dressing (or not) for the body they hope to have, instead of the gorgeous body they are presently blessed with.  After tweeting with a blogger pal and taking a mini blog break back in August, Your Body Is Fabulous Thursday was started!  Every Thursday I feature a lovely lady, bloggers as well as other gorgeous ladies I know or meet, who will tell us what makes their bodies fabulous!

I have some great features lined up for YBIF Thursday, but to start the series off in 2012, I wanted to share this video from a few months ago to encourage you, my readers, to feel free to submit yourself for this series. I truly hope you think your body is fabulous, and would love to hear from you (and share your images and thoughts) along with other bloggers and friends!  If you don’t yet think your body is fabulous, email me ASAP, because we need to chat, and continue reading this series!

Send me an email rocquelle@considermelovely.com answering the 6 questions (I believe I said 5 in the video; oops) below and 4-5 pictures.  I will then notify you of when you will be featured, telling the readers what makes your body fabulous!!
  1. What makes your body fabulous?
  2. What is your favorite thing about how you look?  And why?
  3. What are your favorite things to wear to flatter your body or just help you feel good?
  4. When it comes to finding clothes, what are some issues you come across?  And how do you solve them?
  5. What role do you think the media plays in body acceptance?
  6. What are your thoughts on female body acceptance and appreciation?

I truly appreciate everyone’s support of this series; may it continue to empower and grow!!!