realized that i didn’t smile in any pictures this week, so i recycled this one from this post :-).

Woohoo, it’s friday lovelies!!  Aside from a slight cold, I had a productive and lovely week (as I hoped on Monday).  I hope your week was wonderful as well! Every week I share pictures (from my cell phone, via Instagram, or regular iPhone camera) of things that made me smile.

These are some things that made me smile this week:

  • Bright nails that make me think of Spring.
  • A quick DIY necklace made of vintage chain, ribbon, and inspirational pins!
  • Incorporating fashion into my homework assignment.
  • Yummy Chinese takeout dinner with my babe (who totally reminded me in a big way of how good of a man he is this week) and a beautiful fortune!!
  • Handwritten notes and a Revlon coupon from one of my besties 🙂
  • Sparkle and polka dots.
  • A sweet chocolate treat included in this month’s Julep Maven box!
Now for my favorite part…what are some things that made you smile this week?