So I’ve been meaning to organize and clean my jewelry table, which is nothing but a $10 side table from Ikea, for many months, but often felt overwhelmed by the task (I’m not exactly the domestic type, lol). However, when I saw Jamillah’s post on her DIY jewelry holder, I became suddenly inspired, though it took me a few more weeks to get to working, lol. I thought I’d share my inexpensive jewelry storage/display, that puts a smile on my face every time I see it, and hopefully give you some ideas in the process :-).

Jamillah’s DIY used a CD holder, but I have WAY too many bracelets for that, so I used two paper towel holders that were around my house instead! If you don’t have any around your house, you can find them at Walmart, Target, Family Dollar, etc, for under $7.

I picked up this bird bath looking jewelry display (similar) from Marshall’s maybe a year ago for about $8, and I used to keep earrings and bracelets in it. Now that I use the 3 tiers for my various earring sizes, I’m able to find the earrings I’m looking for quicker than before.

My mom bought me three of these hands (similar) maybe a year ago, and I keep them on my jewelry table as well as in my office with rings on them , but I’d run out of fingers (and these pics were taken before I treated myself to some rings in NY, lol) or would find myself just laying my rings on the table when I’d take them off.

When I need little inexpensive serving dishes for events and such, I run to my nearest Dollar Tree! I went into Dollar Tree looking for some kind of tray for my rings, and I love this little dish with sections that I bought for a dollar!!

Nails really are my DIY storage best friend, lol. I once used nails to hang purses and hats on my closet walls, and now I use them to hang my headbands under my mirror in my closet. However, my favorite use for nails has to be for my necklace storage/display. You really can’t beat the price of using a few nails from a 100 pack of nails that cost less than $2! This could work well for bracelets as well, depending on the length of the nail and thickness of the bracelet or bangle.

As you can see, there are a few things that I lay flat, but if I decide to store my watches in other ways, I will let you guys know. Be sure to enter my Vintage Valentine Giveaway so that you can use these storage ideas for the pieces I’m giving away :-).

  • I wish I could come over and play dress up with your jewelry.
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  • OH EM GEE! This is totally genius! I loves loves loves loves loves your idea!!! I think your paper towel solution is a great situation for my extended bracelet collection. My little dvd case jewelry holder is really for my most used and is kept in my bathroom, but this paper towel holder solution would be great for my bedroom. And thank you so much for mentioning my post, friend. Love ya!
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  • Ooh Rocquelle your jewelry table and mine are so similar! Mine is also an Ikea table but its the blond wood tone and even some of our jewelry holders are the same. I love your green table, it packs such a PUNCH of color. Gonna tweet you a pic to show you mine.
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  • Love how you store your jewelry, especially the hand for the rings! cool ideas.
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  • I love this SO much. You just inspired me to get moving on my jewelry table. I am going to Ikea like tomorrow!

    Great jewelry as well… I pinned this!


  • Great tips and ideas!! I never would have thought to head into Dollar Tree to re-purpose the trays and stuff. Thanks!! I need a better organized space for my things.
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  • That’s a lot of pretty baubles!!!

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  • This is awesome! You’ve inspired me to start organizing my massive jewellery stash.

  • You got some great and most important, easy tips. When I read this post, I’m convinced I need a vanity desk for my jewelry. Have to think where to put it though. And pssst, I want all your jewelry , hehehe.
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