A Touch Of Bling

Hey there lovelies! If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram then you know I did a quick DIY before I went to Austin for the Texas Style Conference!  When I was preparing for this DIY, I didn’t have plans to document my steps, as it’s very hard to do when home alone, but me and my hands and arms worked it out. So, I am excited to share my quick little DIY with y’all today:-).

You will need :

  • A collared shirt (I used my denim shirt from Target)
  • Iron
  • A cloth/piece of fabric (I grabbed a towel before realizing a piece of fabric worked better)
  • Iron on jewels (they are currently sold out online, but I’m sure they have them in your local store)

1. Heat the iron according to the fabric of the shirt. Then, decide the design you want and place the gems on your shirt.

2. Lay fabric over design and place iron on top, pressing gently (don’t move the iron around).

3. Follow the same step on the other side.

4. And voila!!!

I’ve been wanting to do a couple of different collars, so when I saw these little gems when I went into Hobby Lobby , I thought I’d give them a try!  I had never used iron on gems before, so I only used one pack, which I love, but I think I will add more!  This DIY took me less than 15 minutes and less than $5, will you be giving it a try?