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Hey there lovelies!!!  How are you doing today?  I hope you had a great weekend!!  I must admit my weekend was pretty awesome!  Around 1 o’clock Friday afternoon, I decided to unplug from social media for the weekend, and aside from one Instagram picture Sunday of this skirt, I succeeded :-).  It resulted in a wonderful weekend where I lived in the moment, I spent quality time with the boyfriend, attended a boutique launch, took pictures for my photography class’ final project, cooked yummy spaghetti, went to church (where I wore this outfit), and ended the weekend with a girls night in at a friends house, that kept me out well past my bed time and has me very sleepy as I type this, so today’s going to be one of those not so wordy post days :-).

Sweater: Old Navy (similar); Skirt- ASOS; Belt-unknown; Shoes: Valentino- Buffalo Exchange; Necklace: INPINK

Sometimes while taking photos I still have to parent me niece and/or nephew, and I found these of me fussing at my niece peeking through the window to be funny, lol.

While I missed my Twitter, Instagram, and other social media pals, it was very rewarding to live solely in the present without trying to document it through pictures and tweets or trying to maintain my social media accounts in general while taking away from the time spent with those around me.  It is definitely something I want to work on more, and I am sure the boyfriend will be very happy about that :-).

Do you ever find yourself getting caught up in social media?  How do you balance your real life with internet life? I think we could all put forth effort to balance the two better; I know I surely could 🙂


  • Oh also if you ever don’t want that skirt…ya know for whatever reason…I LOVE IT! I want to be first on that list. Love you!
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  • You know when I first got on twitter I was crazy about it, I was constantly tweeting, retweeting, reading articles off twitter ect. But really I am tooootally not like that now. Honestly most of the time I’m pretty good about staying unconnected. I tweet when I can and look when I can instead of being the annoying person always looking at their phone, I forced myself to detach b/c I didn’t really like being that person.

    I know it is important to stay active for the blog, but I much rather live my life uninterrupted as much as possible:).
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  • Nicole

    you know what neon is my favorite color and I love it!
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  • I so love the shoes. great post anyway. 🙂
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  • looooove the neon.
    megan, the frugalista diaries recently posted..Color Among ColorMy Profile

  • Girl, did you send me a photo for my Huffington Post neon story? I don’t think you did! I want this one 🙂
    Email me!
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  • I already commented on instagram, but I had to come here. I really like this look, I love that skirt now that I can really see the details!!

    Carsedra of:



  • Oh la la for neon and that skirt 🙂 I understand you perfectly when it comes to choosing between your on and offline life. I recently went away for a weekend and I’ve only checked my mail/blog once a day. That was refreshing but I have to admit I couldn’t stop cold turkey though. It is a balance I retry every day, one step at a time.
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  • Chioma A.

    I love both of these colors on you!! The skirt is lovely! I totally agree with you. This week while im away in Chicago with the boyfriend, i plan to limit all my social media and really soak up the momens!! :))

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  • Nic

    glad you had a great wknd! you looked GREAT in your pics…so loving the skirt! and yes at times, i remove myself from some form of social media. its nice to get away sometimes and focus on more important things. good for you 🙂


  • We really ARE having a moment today! NEON-NEON 🙂

    ∞ © tanvii.com ∞
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  • Wow loving your skirt! 🙂
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  • That skirt is dynamite! I do my best to extract myself from social media for the weekend … it mostly works.
    Sally recently posted..Already Prettypoll: The Rear ViewMy Profile

  • What a lovely skirt! It is amazing how good it can feel to disconnect if even for a weekend!
    Frannie Pantz recently posted..That’s No Foolin’!My Profile

  • I am LOVING your neon skirt, the hem/trim is just fabulous! Even better is how you paired it with the green top, the colours work really well together 🙂 I’m not to bad with social media, I can’t seem to get into twitter but I am guilty of instagraming a bit too much! When I’m out I turn my phone on silent and toss it in my purse. Then I forget about it 🙂
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  • Totally love this look. This neon skirt is EVERYTHING… I need to do a social media unplug. Might do it this weekend
    tasha recently posted..Pedestal BlouseMy Profile

  • I adore your skirt! I’ve never bought anything from Asos but am now convinced that the site is worth a closer look. I wish I could do a weekend unplugged…I am trying to limit my Twitter and Facebook time, but it isn’t easy! Props to you!
    Elissa recently posted..{Almost daily outfit of the day} Belted. 4.2.12My Profile

  • So lovely outfit! You look more beautiful in that neon colors, looks like you’re in 3D.
    sylvia candice recently posted..Regional B2B Sales Professional – Downtown ChicagoMy Profile

  • gfs

    ONly you can pull off a neon skirt! And I agree…I purposely try to avoid “documenting” everything while at an event. I was on FB last night and was reading my tl where someone basically documented the entire New Edition concert. She literally tweeted every song they played. I kept thinking, is she really enjoying it or reporting it?

    You know I’m good to unplug from Social Media though. I have no problems with it.

  • Love that skirt..I stalked it on the site for sooo long and finally when I decided to buy it, it was sold out!! You look fab in it..love the lace and the neon!


  • Annie

    I am so totally in love with that neon lacey skirt – so fun! And I love the way you styled it…great blog 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray