Never Worn

I have never quite figured out how people can have a closet full of clothes and shoes that they’ve never worn (often with tags still on it)!!  I can’t stand owning things and never using them, lol.  While I do have a few pieces in my closet that I’ve yet to wear, when the weather permits, I will be making them a priority, or getting rid of them!  I don’t believe in having a closet cluttered with unworn items, when I can donate or sell them and put something in there that I will wear immediately.  As a bit of a nail polish addict, I have some polishes in my tote, that I’ve never worn, so when I was laying in bed sick this weekend, I decided to put two of the polishes I’ve received in some of my Julep Maven (by the way, if you love nail polish, you’ll love being a Julep Maven!) boxes to use for the first time!

The more I look at this week’s mani, it makes me think of denim on denim. Is it just me?

Julep: Megan and Elizabeth

Do you have a closet of unworn clothes?  Or a tote, drawer, or shelf of unworn beauty  products?  If so, now is as a good a time as any to rip off those tags and share those items with the world :-).

  • Heidi19

    I love the colors of your nail polish and i’m so excited to try this. Thanks for sharing!
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  • OMG I completely did this last year w/ my nail polish situation. I think I need to do it again! I also agree re: clothing. I am big on wearing my closet and I suss out my wardrobe at least twice a year. Usually it’s more like 5 times a year…so many good places to donate and sell no reason to stay unworn.
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  • Born27

    I just can’t believe this. We are very the same. I just made my nails like that last month. The color was just different. I made it black and fuchsia pink. Guess what? Now, instead of the ring finger, i made it the pointing finger. The colors are shades of blue. I just don’t know the name. I am so mesmerize. I can’t believe it. I love painting my nails and so you are. I love fashion and so you are. Pretty! It’s like, you achieving my dreams! 🙂
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  • Kathrryn

    This is a good idea and I am sure a lot of girls would want to have this colors for their nails..
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  • I actually don’t have a closet full of unworn clothes or product junkie! I get rid of stuff and don’t buy things I know I won’t be wearing.
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