Your Body Is Fabulous- Kyla

Every Thursday I feature a lovely lady, bloggers as well as other gorgeous ladies I know or meet, who tell us what makes their bodies fabulous! The purpose is to empower women to to accept and love their bodies’ as they are by showing women with various body types, skin colors, hair textures, and more. This week I share with you the amazing Kyla of Blue Collar Catwalk!!

What makes your body fabulous?

It does some really cool stuff!  For a long time, I didn’t use it the way it was meant to be used.  Now that I’ve discovered a healthy lifestyle, I’ve discovered that I’m capable of way more than I ever dreamed possible!  It went from walking to running to skating and with consistent practice, continues to get stronger and better.  I’m forever amazed at how quickly my body adapts when I push myself.  It makes all the sweat (and sometimes tears) totally worth it!

What is your favorite thing about how you look? And why?
I love that I look strong.  I’ve always been that way – short, curvy and solid.  Even when I was young, people would ask if I was a swimmer or gymnast because of my prominent shoulders (I was neither!).  And now, I find that my personal identity has become one with my physical appearance.  My big legs remind me of everything I’m capable, whether it be a grueling workout or a particularly bad day, and they’ve become a physical reminder of how I can be emotionally strong as well.

image courtesy of Matthew Becker Photography
What are your favorite things to wear to flatter your body or just help you feel good?
Anything that defines my waist or shows my shoulders and arms.  There’s no denying the curves, and I find that I’m far more comfortable and condifent when I where clothes that accent them without constricting them.  And in the right environment, I love to bare a little midriff.  Scandalous, I know!

When it comes to finding clothes, what are some issues you come across? And how do you solve them?
My butt and legs sometimes feel impossible to fit into pants.  Like, impossible.  I try to have patience and not beat myself up when pants or jeans don’t fit.  While I know it’s not me, but rather the cut of the clothes, it’s easy to get caught up in the number on the tag.  After lots of trial and error, I’ve learned the brands and shapes that work best for my body.  When I find a pair of jeans that fit, I scoop them up right away.  For pants and trousers, I know that anything with a higher waist and wide leg is going to be best.  I’m so thankful that palazzo pants are seeing a comeback!

What role do you think the media plays in body acceptance?
It’s so hard to be confident in a body that doesn’t fit the norm of what is seen on a daily basis.  My body is pretty much the opposite of what is often portrayed in the media as “ideal” – tall, thin, slender.  Anything that’s outside of that “ideal” notion gets its own label like “petite,” “curvy,” “athletic,”  “plus size,”  etc., as though it has to have a different name if it’s going to look different.  I wish more women’s bodies were revered for what they can do rather than how they look.

What are your thoughts on female body acceptance and appreciation?
It’s so hard, and it’s one of those things that no one else can do for you.  That being said, it’s also one of the most rewarding personal victories you can have.  A victory that can impact how you live the rest of your life.  And sometimes, a victory that must be won time and time again.
I met Kyla at the Texas Style Conference, and I’ve been smitten with her ever since!  I love that she said body acceptance is one of the most rewarding personal victories!!  I’d never thought of it that way :-).
Now it’s your turn! Send in your answers and pictures telling me what makes your body fabulous so that I can feature you!