Blue Haze

When I think of monochromatic outfits, I often think of black on black or gray on gray ensembles, but when I got dressed for church Sunday morning, blue was my monochromatic color of choice.  I was in a bit of rush, so I didn’t even realize there was a haze on the photos my nephew took, but it makes them feel kind of old or something, which I actually like :-).

I have had this top for months; it was one of my purchases the night Zara’s online shopping went live (yes I stayed up and waited, lol).  However, this is my second time wearing it.  When it was colder, I loathed the idea of covering it up with a jacket or coat, because it’s so light and billowy; so perfect for Summer!

Top: Zara; Jeans: Gap (similar); Handbag: Forever 21 (similar); Necklace: IN PINK; Shoes: Mossimo (DIY’d here)

These jeans are my first foray into altering my own pants/jeans hem, and I’m pretty proud of myself, but I think I need some dye or fabric pen to get rid of the line from the original hem.  Does this ever happen to you?

I hope y’all are having a great week so far!  Don’t forget to enter my eShakti Giveaway!!