Vintage Sequins

Good Monday to you darlings!!  I really hope y’all had a great weekend!  Most of my weekend was very chill, spent watching tv, doing a bit of cleaning, and pondering life, but my Sunday was very eventful…church, an event, and dessert with friends!!  Nonetheless, my eyes are burning a bit (you know the exhaustion you feel from 6 hours of having a great time), and I am looking forward to what this week has to bring!  I hope you are too :-).

Confession:  I LOVE vintage sequins!  The modern pieces made with sequins are cute and wonderful, but there is something about vintage sequins that makes my heart skip a beat, so when I got ready to attend the Celebrate You event at Natural Resources Salon (more details on that later), I knew I had to take this vintage beauty out for its first spin!  I’d learned of Donna Summer’s passing that day, and whenever I think of disco I think of sparkles from the clothes and disco balls, so this was my little way to think of her on that evening. This may make no sense to you, but that’s just how my mind works, lol.

Vest: Levi’s- vintage from Goodwill (similar or similar); Top: Royal Feelings- vintage c/o Kendra’s Beauty Corner (similar); Jeans: Gap; Purse: Nila Anthony– c/o Handbag Heaven; Shoes: Jessica Simpson- Marshall’s (similar or similar)

Thank you to the fabulous Reiko for taking these pictures!!


P.S. If you are “plus-size,” a term I don’t care for much, and wonder where you can find vintage clothing, then Kendra’s Beauty Corner is a great place to start!!