HEY darlings!!!  Happy hump day to you all!!  I hope your week has been off to a great start.  It seems like this week has been flying by, or maybe it’s because I extended my weekend a bit :-).  I didn’t go out on the town or party in the club for my birthday, but the weekend did wear me out a bit (guess I am getting old, lol).  Sunday was a crazy busy day, as I started the day trying to get my dead battery replaced in my car 🙁 so that I could get to church on time, went to church, and then had some of my favorite ladies over to just laugh talk, eat, and have a good time.  Let’s just say I am still recovering, but feeling very full from the love I received from my loved ones (and y’all too!) through out the weekend!

I won’t bore y’all with my long story of car troubles and battery replacement, but let me just say that by the time I got a new battery and my car working again, it was 9:10 and church starts at 9:30! lol  I don’t know the last time I got dressed in 10 minutes, if ever!!

(taking blog photos while talking to my boyfriend on the phone…multitasking, lol)

I bought these pants from the men’s section of a thrift store a few weeks ago, got them dry cleaned, but hadn’t wore them yet.  They were perfect for throwing on in my hurried state; I’m completely smitten!!  I haven’t worn this shirt since this post, which was well over a year ago, and of course what birthday weekend is complete without new birthday shoes :-).  I was in so much of hurry that day that I left the house without any rings on :-(.  I felt almost naked (y’all know I love a ring party!).  Is there an item(s) that you feel you must leave the house wearing or you feel naked?

Top: unknown- vintage from Goodwill (different (cute) print, same shape); Pants: Smash- thrifted from Value Village; Shoes: Steve Madden; Necklace: Ericson Beamon for BaubleBar 

I LOVE baggy/loose-fitting jeans and pants and adore the boyfriend style jean and pants!  However, when I try on women’s bottoms that are supposed to have a loose fit, they still fit my hips and derriere pretty tight, which defeats the purpose, which is when I love menswear most.  I’ve been buying shorts from the men’s department for years, but have recently been drawn to trying on pants and jeans from the mens department as well, and they give me just the right amount of looseness that I want, and these pants do just that!  They are a light linen/cotton blend so I shall definitely be wearing them a lot this Summer.

I’ve found that the key to my wearing men’s pieces is mixing them with feminine items, fabrics, and silhouettes, as I am not a fan of walking around looking like a dude.  Do you shop in the men’s (or boy’s) department?  If so, what are your favorite things to buy, and how do you make menswear work for your style?

  • I’m with Tasha. I rarely get women’s jeans.
    I grew up when Levi’s 501s were WHAT YOU WORE. Never was a Chic/Jordache kinda gal. And you will never EVER find me in J Brand because I met the man behind the label and I was NOT impressed.

    I’m naked without my rings. Permanently 1/2 naked since I can no longer wear them on my right hand. Boohoo.
    anne the SpyGirl recently posted..July Gloom – #OOTDMy Profile

  • Very cute!! Love those shoes too!!

    I have never shopped the mens dept, but have been contemplating it because I want some camo pants/shorts. We shall see!!
    Ticka recently posted..Two for one…My Profile

  • Ria

    I love your shoes! I’ve been wanting that style.
    Ria recently posted..Rockin’ My Stunna Shades & Turnin’ Up My RadioMy Profile

  • I adore those pants! I love menswear as well!

    xo Jennifer

    Jennifer recently posted..Sassy pantsMy Profile

  • Fajr

    Love the heels and the fit of those pants. So relaxed. Happy belated birthday!

  • Great heels! I am a such a menswear fan, having been a men’s tailor in the past, but typically love men’s influenced looks, especially vests! I love your trousers turned up! -xo Wishing you a wonderful week.

  • Nic

    very nice! i love menswear but have never worn their bottoms. hmmm, you just inspired me to search the men’s pants section next time i thrift 🙂


    PS i love your hair! as if i don’t say this every time i post, lol!
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  • First of all, Happy Belated Birthday! I am not sure if I wished you a happy birthday all ready so if I did…extra birthday wishes for you 🙂 I love those pants. The fit of them is fabulous! I love how you styled them. I enjoy wear men’s items too.

    Oh and I feel naked without earrings on. I can be without rings, watches, necklaces but would feel not quite right without my earrings…lol.

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  • I am not very keen on pants, as you knw, but they look so perfect when you wear them, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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  • Love your outfit! Now go get me the shoes ASAP… Lol I get clothes at the men’s & boys department. I like jeans that fit loose. Men’s for rocker tee’s… Glad you had a great birthday weekend.
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