Mixing Modern and Vintage

Lovelies, I think by now, you’ve all figured out that I enjoy mixing modern and vintage pieces in my style!  If you haven’t figured that out, just check out my outfits page :-).  I love the originality that adding vintage pieces to my wardrobe has created over the last couple of years.  I’d be lying if I told you, I’ve been wearing vintage for many many years, but I can’t imagine my closet and jewelry table without vintage pieces, so they’re here to stay.  I kind of figured out how I wanted to integrate vintage pieces on my own, once I started supporting my best friend’s re-sale shop, Imperfect Concepts (and yes I do pay for my purchases, lol), a few years ago, but if you’re interested in incorporating vintage into your modern wardrobe or have recently started to, but aren’t quite sure of how to do so, then I’ve compiled a few tips for you!

1.  Throw on a piece (or 2 or 3 or 4 pieces) of jewelry.

Before I ever owned a piece of vintage clothing, I started collecting vintage jewelry from my granny, and the rest was history!! Having on an entirely trendy outfit, with vintage jewelry takes your outfit from the everyday fad to one of a kind!  These days everyone loves a good wrist soiree, throw on some vintage bangles/bracelets with bangles/bracelets from Forever 21 or Bauble Bar, for example, and you’ll be smitten.

2.  Add a layering piece.

I love to wear vintage blazers with everything!  They are great to throw on over jeans and a tea or a dress. Vintage sweaters, jackets, dusters, and blazers are great for making a statement, like my gold jacket that I will throw on to spruce up any outfit (do people still say spruce? lol).  These layering piece can range from light jackets and sleeveless vest for summer to coats and sweater dusters for Fall.

3.  Start with one vintage item per outfit.

Just as simple as throwing on a piece of vintage jewelry, is finding and wearing one vintage piece at a time. This means that you don’t have to think too much about not looking like you’re from a completely different decade (unless that’s your goal), as I know the fear of looking outdated is what keeps some people from shopping vintage.  I adore vintage skirts and blouses, probably because me and my 45″ hips don’t find pants that easy, and they are super simple to style when I am in a time crunch, as well as when I’m not!

4.  Grab some sequins or beading.

Have an event to go to (or not)? Just want a little sparkle for the day?  Then vintage sequins and beading  is your friend! While I am drawn to sparkly things when I am out shopping at the stores today, there is something statement making about the intricacy of vintage sequins and beaded pieces.  Wear it in daytime if your really want to make a statement :-).

5.  Accessorize with modern items.

Once you’ve accumulated a few vintage items, you”ll probably end up like me, wearing outfits in which all of the clothes are vintage. These kind of outfits can be updated with your modern shoes, belts, and purses. Adding modern accessories to vintage outfits is a great way to still embrace trends and ensure your look doesn’t appear accidentally outdated.  (Trust me, if I look like an old lady from the 50’s, it’s on purpose, lol.)

6.  Play with trends.

Let’s face it; fashion is a continuous cycle.  The platforms and flared jeans you wear now, you or your mom wore in the 70’s.  Midi skirts were a plenty in the 50’s and 60’s.  Those graphic leggings and pants on trend now were super hot in the 80’s.  Y’all get the picture!  Use the mix of vintage and modern to take on trends. Printed pants, midi skirts, graphic trousers, polka dots, etc. can be found in thrift stores and vintage shops all over the world. Throw on some neon, an opposing print, stripes, etc. and you are instantly on trend while still having a style of your own.

As I told y’all in this post, I’m not exactly a thrifter, but I love shopping small business shops like Imperfect Concepts, Lily Kai, or Black Boutique and going on Etsy and entering specifically what I am looking for in the vintage section (I’m hoping to find some floral pants or jeans soon), so I highly recommend them as a place to start, if you’re new to vintage shopping or an old pro.

Do you like to mix modern and vintage?  Or are you more of a modern only kind of girl?  Feel free to add more tips in the comments!!

  • Lora Colin

    I love all your stuff. Your outfit is so amazing. Mixing modern and vintage dresses and accessories are stunning.
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  • Miss Rockwell

    YOU my dear are the epitome of Vintage FLY!! Every look is stunning. Great post!

  • Lainey

    We absolutely LOVE this post – it’s what we’re all about! These are great rules – well done!
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  • Kim

    I just love this post! It amaze me how much I enjoy thrifting now!
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  • Carsedra

    Great tips, you have amazing taste, so I know this is great advice to follow!! ;-)

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  • Irish Catson

    You really have taste in fashion. All of the styles you have wore were beautiful. Mixing modern and vintage fashions are fantastic. The result is really unique and classic.
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  • Tasha

    Great post. You mix vintage into your wardrobe very well!
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  • sami

    i need that hot pink lace piece in tip #2!!! love your mixture of vintage and modern. i too live in dresses.
    if you ask me- it’s the best way to live!

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  • Lauren (BestTrendz)

    Great post and thanks for all those helpful tips
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  • Ebony

    Totally digging the outfits and love the style. Wearing the neon blazer backwards is hot. I am tooooo scared of you. Lol!

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    Very very nice! I really like the mixtures of vintage and modern!
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    Of course I love this post! My style is very much mixing modern and vintage. Good tips! I agree and glad that you too believe in supporting small local business/boutiques. Have a great week!

  • Tia

    You do this sooo well!!! Thanks for the tips!
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  • Taliah

    Love this post! great tips…i am a true advocate of vintage pieces and swirling them with my modern things. Esp blazers and jewelry!!! You have a great vintage collection and i would love to play in your jewelry! lol

  • StephC

    Wow! I just found your blog through A Little Sewing… I just have to say- I love your style! Now I’m off to go read everything… ;)
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