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HEY Lovelies!! How was your weekend? (I really want to know!) My weekend was great! We had a little end of the school year/going away party for my niece and nephew Friday night (which included my almost busting my head trying to do some balancing thing my little cousin showed me, lol); after getting my niece and nephew packed up and off to move back with their father (my brother) Saturday, I spent a few hours lazing around and somehow ended up spending 7 hours thrifting and having dinner with Reiko (you should’ve seen our packed basket). I spent Sunday doing absolutely nothing after church, lol, and it was fantastic! Now I’m ready to start a new week of working on making my dreams and goals a reality! Are you looking forward to the week ahead?

Reiko spotted this dress during our thrifting excursion (for the record I am no avid thrifter), and we both instantly fell in love with it! She calls it “the Modcloth” dress, as it totally looks like something you’ll see on Modcloth, like this dress of similar shape. I call it “the Reiko” dress because she found it for me and got so excited when I stepped out of the fitting room in it :-). While at the store, Reiko insisted that I wear this dress to church Sunday, but I resisted that idea because I usually dry clean my clothes first, but when I got home, I realized I didn’t have anything to wear to church (not exactly the truth, lol), so I threw it in the dryer with some dryer sheets before church, and headed out the door :-). I will definitely be taking it (and my other goodies) to the cleaners today though!

Dress: Unknown- thrifted (similar) ; Belt: Forever 21: Clutch: ASOS- c/o IFB Conference (similar); Shoes: Audrey Brooke- DSW (the patent leather version)

I’m SO smitten with the print of the dress!! I really like the pairing of navy and white, probably more than black and white.

Are you an avid thrifter? If so, what are your favorite thrift stores? As someone who doesn’t exactly have the patience for thrifting(I buy most of my vintage on Etsy, from Imperfect Concepts, or other small business), or any shopping that requires me to go through racks of clothes piece by piece/ hanger by hanger, I’d love to hear your thrifting tips!

P.S. I got super spoiled by having my nephew as my photographer; now I have to rebuild my self-photography skills (and get a remote for my camera).

P.P.S. I accidentally ended up with a side ponytail when I did my hair Saturday, but I loved it, so I’ll be bringing back the high side ponytail back this Summer ;-).

  • Born27

    Girl you look awesome with that dress! and i love your bag so much. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a fabulous weekend!
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  • I love vintage and thrift shopping so KUDOS to your Reiko for getting you in there. This dress is AMAZING. The fit is perfect on your gorgeous body, and the color and print are well…so cool. Modcloth cool for sure.
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  • Love the dress and the belt. I just love vintage outfits. 🙂

  • Tawana

    Wow..This dress is Fab! And I love “my favorite color” purse. LOVE everything about this style!
    My top favorite thrift stores (other than Goodwill) would have to be NAM, Angels’ Attic and Second Treasure. They really have great finds and sales!

  • What a faaabulous dress and I love how you styled it! I agree it does look like something you would find on Modcloth! I am an avid thrifter and I am addicted! My tips would be, take an inventory of your closet and make a list of things you are looking for before a thrifting excursion. Don’t let the sizes fool you…especially if you are handy with a needle and thread. Pack your patience. These are a few that just came to mind.

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  • That’s why I love thrifting: it never dissapoints -> u always get something unique or different. I love this whole look, but you know by now that I love your style, very Emotionista if I may say. I won’t call myself an avid thrifter but I do shop a lot in thrift stores. My tips would be to bring a friend and don’t bother trying on piles of clothes. I usually buy what I like and at home will fix anything that doesn’t fit or make them into scarfs or some other accessory. Now I sound like an avid DIYer *I ain’t that either* <3 Nef
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  • Nic

    as an avid thrifter, i do the same thing when i really want to wear something—throw the item(s) in the dryer with a few dryer sheets!! LOL…anyway, you look great! i love the print of the dress, and i love how you styled it with the clutch and pumps. you, and your hair, look great!

    thanks for the kind comments on my latest post; i really appreciate it 🙂

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  • DynaLou

    That dress is definitely beautiful and stunning! I just love how you have partnered it with shoes and other accessories too.. Love it so much!
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  • This dress is EVERYTHING & I need it in my life with that clutch of yours. Lol you already know I’m an avid thriftier hehe
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  • my comments: (in this order)…lol
    love the dress…thats a great print as well!! you are werking that side pony!! thank you for the lovely comment on le blog! & …where do get a remote for your camera?..i so need one of those!!!! 🙂
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  • This dress is perfection. What a find! I love thrifting but it’s def something I need to be in the mood for; it can be so exhausting! -Rita

  • Love this dress and that neon pink clutch goes great with it!!!

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  • That dress and belt are marvelous together!
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  • Hooray Reiko! She/you made a great score with this dress. I love the pretty print and that great A-line shape! You look simply lovely m’dear. I am a thrifter through and through. I swear 80% of my clothes are from thrift stores. I am lucky in that we have several great thrift stores in my town–Savvy Seconds, Hope’s Superstore and Ares–but I do a lot of the standard thrift stores as well–Goodwill and ARC–because they do half off Saturdays.
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  • GORGEOUS!!! that bag looks fabulous with that dress.

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  • Love the whole look! Great shoes!

  • GFS

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it on you! You did that dress major justice!!!!!!!!! I screamed when I saw the first pic in this post!!!!!
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  • That dress is a winner and I love how you paired it with that clutch! It just works – Modern and Vintage together, YES PLEASE!!!! Girl, I’m no avid thrifter (not yet anyways but I have grown to love it. I live in Tampa so I go to Goodwill and Salvation Army on the regular and then another favorite in Sunshine Thrift Store. I have some items to take to the cleaners during my lunch break today, LOL!!!

    7eventh Letter

  • I love your dress and how you have paired it with pink.
    have a lovely week, my gorgeous
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  • Ooh that dress is gorgeous! I myself definitely am an avid thrifter! (And I learned a new word today: avid :D). Actually, my entire blog is dedicated to thrifting. My tip: go often and go through the entire store. Only buy things that fit you well and don’t buy items just because you like the brand name.
    My weekend was lovely, I had a really romantic brunch with my boyfriend and I bought an orange dress to get ready for the European Football (Soccer) Championship! Which the Netherlands are going to win 😉
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