Glittered Lilac

Lovelies!  It seems like forever since I’ve shared a nails post, but it’s only been 3 weeks, which is kind of like forever, lol.  I’ve still been polishing my nails, of course, but I’ve either not had a chance to take pictures of my digits, didn’t clean up the edges very well, or simply wore polish you’ve seen already.  Nonetheless, I’m pretty geeked to be sharing this mani with y’all because I’ve had my eye on this lilac color for weeks, and Tasha gave it along with the glitter and several other nail polishes to me for my birthday!

Revlon: Charming; Kleancolor: Diamond Pink

This mani is so simple, just a nail polish of your choice and a coat or two of glitter, but it’s so pretty too!! I can’t wait to try out my other new polishes, so be expecting more nail post over the next couple of weeks :-).