Your Body Is Fabulous- Natalie

The YBIF series was started as a result of a book I started writing many years ago, “Your Body Is Fabulous: Dress Like It,”  because I feel style and fashion is nothing if you don’t love the body you’re dressing. So, every Thursday I feature a lovely lady, bloggers as well as other gorgeous ladies I know or meet, who tell us what makes their bodies fabulous! The purpose is to empower women to to accept and love their bodies’ as they are by showing women with various body types, skin colors, hair textures, and more. This week the lovely Natalie of The Closet de Natalie stops by!!

What makes your body fabulous? 
I’ve learned to embrace my body for what it is – a whole bunch of curves on a 5’1″ body. I know what looks good on me and I avoid clothes that won’t show off what I have. I’m proud of my shape and wish that most women felt the same way about themselves.

What is your favorite thing about how you look?  And why? 
I like that I don’t live up to what society expects a Hispanic/Latina/Chicana, whatever you want to call me, woman to look like. I like not fitting into a specific stereotype and just being appreciated for looking like “me.”

What are your favorite things to wear to flatter your body or just help you feel good? 
I love anything high-waisted. My waist is the smallest part of my body, so it’s always a good thing to highlight. Also, I can’t help but feel amazing when I’m wearing bright colors and/or heels.

When it comes to finding clothes, what are some issues you come across?  And how do you solve them? 
Most button down blouses pull across my chest, so I always, always, always, have to try them on before I buy them. Since I thrift most of the time, that’s not always easy to do. I won’t buy one unless I know for sure that it doesn’t pull or that I can unbutton it low enough without being a super hoochie mama. I also run into the issue of pants being too long, but I’ve started to embrace the cropped (and of course, high waisted) pants trend.

What role do you think the media plays in body acceptance? 
I like to think that the media doesn’t have that much control over us, but that’s just wishful thinking. I hope that despite the media’s unrealistic portrayal of women, we can love ourselves for who we are. It’s really about being happy in your own skin.

What are your thoughts on female body acceptance and appreciation? 
You’ve been given the body you have, so you don’t really have a choice but to love it. I used to HATE my breasts, but I’ve learned that there’s nothing I can really do about it, so I might as well learn to love them. Rather than feeling ashamed and lying about my bra size, I’ve learned to embrace my assets. Even if it means I have to buy expensive, nice bras to hold the girls up and in place, I’m willing to do it to feel 100%. And I’ve gotta say, I feel pretty damn good about myself.

Isn’t Natalie awesome?!  Like her, I love anything high waisted!  Don’t you?  I love what she said about learning to embrace her assets.  The world would be better place if everyone learned to do just that :-).

Now it’s your turn! Send in your answers and pictures telling me what makes your body fabulous so that I can feature you and further share the body acceptance/love message!  Feel free to share one thing that makes your body fabulous in the comments :-).