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Hey darlings!!  How was your week?  I really hope y’all had a great week!!  Aside from being under the weather, my week has been pretty productive and fun. You know, as I am writing this it dawned on me that in front of the brick wall pictured above, something bad happened to me 7 weeks ago, yet here I am in the same spot laughing at who knows what.  It’s a great reminder that joy can be found amongst anything! Every week I share pictures (via Instagram, or my regular iPhone camera) of things that made me smile.

These are some things that made me smile this week:

  • Making my first Clutched & Covered sale (and the others that came after that)!
  • Taking the time to clean out my nail polish container and realizing how much polish I have (YES I am a nail polish addict, lol).
  • A night at the circus with my family :-).
  • Realizing that this leaf ring that I made over 3.5 years ago is still holding on and certainly one of my favorites.
  • Looking up to see gorgeous clouds.  God’s beautiful and awesome that way!!
  • A dessert date with Reiko.  This carmel turtle cake is the bomb!
  • Visiting one of my best friends at work, where she made me a smoking/bubbling blackberry martini for me :-).
  • Having dinner with her the next day.  It’s such a great feeling to have a friend (I actually have two) who has known you all of your life and loves you unconditionally.
  • Prepping to mail off my first customer package.
  • Receiving a lovely package from Tasha in the mail; the skirt didn’t agree with my hips :-(, but the bracelets are perfect!!
  • This adorable purse looking card from my best friend (the same one pictured above) :-).

Now it’s your turn! What are somethings that made you smile this week?!


  • Ria

    Congrats on your first sale! I have just as much polish haha.
    Ria recently posted..Getting Set For Fall With BrahminMy Profile

  • Douglas Reuben

    Really you’re interesting. I want to smile like you. Also i appreciate your choice and thanks for your honesty.
    Douglas Reuben recently posted..maxworkoutsreviewed.netMy Profile

  • P to the S! That picture of you up top, probably my fave picture of you ever, you look amazing, outfit is amazing. And I also have an embarrassing amount of nail polish…le sigh we should start a support group.
    Jamillah recently posted..Consciously Trending-Neon DressMy Profile

  • I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! If I wore clutches more I would totally be all up in your shop it’s such a brilliant idea friend and it makes me so happy you made it come to life!

    You actually gave me a big reason to smile when you shared the Market Place pic! I still haven’t received my copy (my post is so shoddy!) and it made my week and my bf’s week to see it. And to know that you are shopping a fair trade shop makes me ecstatic! Love you!
    Jamillah recently posted..Consciously Trending-Neon DressMy Profile

  • Dee

    You own all of those bottle of polish?! You’re kidding me, right?! I love your skirt in that pic. You take such awesome photos! XOX Happy Friday!

  • I would have to agree that your post made me smile too!

  • I would judge you on all that polish, but we are in the same boat. I need to paint my nails more often though I think i might once the fall hits. Congrats on opening your shop!!! Very exciting, and inspiring. and that gold jacket in the first pick, I want it!!
    Eat.Style.Play recently posted..Whole30 BandwagonMy Profile

  • Awesome Week! Yes you’re addicted to nail polish that is the first step admitting… Lol

    Hanging with my niece made me smile. Having some great dates. Ordering my Kate Spade shirt made my day yesterday.
    Tasha recently posted..Hache Ruffle BlouseMy Profile

  • I am so glad that you had a great week. And that you are able to find joy and smile again. We don’t always know why things happen but someway somehow we find strength. And honey you win at finding strength. Congrats on opening your shop. I am so happy for you ? Omg gotta get me some of that cake when I go back home! – ebony