Impromptu Floral

Hey there darlings!! How was your weekend? Fantastic, I hope!! Before I go any further, I must first apologize for my impromptu and not announced blog break last week. Sometimes life calls for an unexpected break. While I was away, I went on a little vacation with my family to San Antonio for the Labor Day weekend. While there, my favorite cousin, Kin, got married at a vineyard in a beautiful semi-casual ceremony! I played photographer for the ceremony, and then she decided to take her turn behind the camera and took pictures of me :-).

You may remember this vintage dress from my birthday wish list, but it was more of a midi length. I decided to use my basic alteration skills to make the dress shorter, and I’m glad I did! While I loved it long, the shorter length makes it seem so much fresher. All it takes is a little alterations to make old things new my dears :-).

You may notice my hair looks a bit different, hehe. If you’ve been following me on twitter for the last year, then you’ve seen me talk about dying the tips of my hair purple or teal. Well I decided to go with teal, and this color is just the first step in a 2 to 3 step color process to get the color of teal that want. Part of my reason for the impromptu break is that I did not/ do not like the result of step 1, lol, but I’ve gotten more used to it in the last week and a half, so I’m a bit more comfortable sharing it with you guys :-). However, I am hoping the color will be more saturated by next week’s outfit photos!!