You Only Live Once


Every time September 11th rolls around, we take time to pay homage to those innocent people whose lives were lost or horribly impacted by the attacks on the World Trade Centers and Pentagon. Around this time, there is also an abundance of conspiracy theories and opinions about what really happened that circulate through the web and television. Regardless of the thoughts on how or why September 11th happened, the fact is thousands of people lost their lives, and the world was forever changed.

Whenever horrible things hapen and lives are lost, I am reminded that life is short; it is to be enjoyed; and you really only live once. Whether it be in your personal life, career, or style, live freely, take risk, and don’t leave things on your wish list. Try that career you’ve dreamed of, choose happy relationships, or wear that bold color or print you’ve been wanting to try but afraid of how it would look on you….DON’T BE SCARED. The idea that you only live once and must enjoy all that life has to offer never became more clear to me than when a horrible incident happened to me a little over two months ago, because truth be told, I could have been killed, as many women have died from having a man snap and lay his hands on her (but this post isn’t about that). Nonetheless, I am here and determined to live this one life I have to the fullest, because I (or you) never know when it will end,

So, while we remember those who lost their lives in the horrid attacks (and those who have lost their lives fighting the resulting wars) on September 11, 2001, let’s remember to live our lives to the fullest, for we truly only live once!!

P.S. I must send a big thank you to the lovely Kijie for taking these photos of me; our impromptu photo shoot turned out to be far more than I expected! 🙂

  • I remember you mentioning an incident awhile ago. How awful! And I agree with you, it’s important to live life to the fullest and to enjoy it as much as possible. Life is a blessing!
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  • Martin Lawrence

    God has given us the life to enjoy. So no matter what came up in its path we just have to overcome it and enjoy the life. The secret to it is really simple. Just live it as you are meant to.

  • These are beautiful shots of you Rocquelle!! Love the dye!

    #YOLO!! You are so correct! Fear will keep most of us from trying things that we may love. I am working on not letting that happen. Thank you so much for this message!
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  • Love this post!Everything yuou said is so true! Even more now, we are reminded that life is short and tomorrow is not promiused, so LIVE your LIFE to the FULLEST. You never know what tomorrow brings.

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  • Couldn’t have said it better. We have to live in the present and enjoy what we have today!!!

    P.S. It looks like a fun shoot! 🙂

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  • Oh Rocquelle how terrible that such a thing happened to you..
    I really admire your strength and positive thinking a lot. Good luck with everything and you look beautiful!
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