A Few of My Favorite Things (Giveaway)

HAPPY SATURDAY darlings!!!  I don’t usually do post on Saturdays, but I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway for you guys, just because, for a while now, and what better to start the weekend than by giving away some of my favorite things!!

Many of you may not know this, but I have an undergraduate degree in English, which means (well maybe not literally, lol) that i love reading!!  However, when grad school is in session, I don’t really have a lot of time for leisure reading (my stack of magazines is constantly growing, waiting to be read these days), but over the Summer, while looking for an inspirational book for my god-brother heading to college, I happened on Dr. William Hoston.  His book, Listen to Me Now, or Listen to Me Later: A Memoir of Academic Success for College Students turned out to be a great read for my god-brother as he began his freshman year of college in July, so I bought one for my little cousin who is a senior in high school too, and though I kind of had to make her read it, she said it was very inspirational.  ANYWAYS, while getting these books for the young people in my life, I happened on Dr. Hoston’s latest book, Why “We” Didn’t Choose You, which is essentially a collection of essays, thoughts, and letters from a group of men on why they did some things in their relationships as well as what women did in their relationships that led to them not working out.  While this is supposed to be an “eye opener” for women (and men) on ways relationships fail and how to potentially make them work, I found the book to be pretty entertaining more than anything and probably found myself thinking the same way as many of the men, lol, so I am giving away a copy to two lovelies, signed by the author.

If you’ve read this blog long enough, then you’ve heard me talk about Nakate Project many times!  If you’ve never heard of this organization, see this post or this one :-).  To sum it up, I love charity work and jewelry, of which Nakate combines them both by helping women in Africa through selling beautiful handmade jewelry (and they’ve recently added shoes to their repertoire).  I bought these necklaces months ago, with the intention of giving them away here, but kept forgetting.  Better late than never, right?

Finally, y’all know I LOVE nail polish (I’m pretty sure it’s an addiction of sorts, lol), and quite frankly I’m sure I have too much, yet I need more, lol.  So I am giving away a set of three bottles of nail polish to two winners as well!  Some of the polish is polish I owned but hadn’t used yet (I’d never give y’all used polish), and some is polish I bought the other day, all of which is very hard for me to let go of, hehe.

Reading, jewelry, charity, and nail polish…a few of my favorite things, that I wanted to share with you guys, just because y’all are SO AWESOME!!

All you have to do is enter below, and I will announce the two winners on Wednesday, October 17, 2012!!

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