Happy Friday dears!! How was your week? My weekend was super lovely, but my week started off pretty bad. However, God always has an amazing way of turning things around!  Somedays may be tougher than others, but God is always good :-).  Every week I share pictures (via Instagram, or my regular iPhone camera) of things that made me smile.

These are some things that made me smile this week:

  • Doing my little cousin’s hair and makeup for a school dance :-).
  • Blue nails, with some sparkle too.
  • A day full of time with my family at the ranch!!
  • One of the photos I took at the ranch; I was shocked by how dope it was :-).
  • Celebrating my mom’s birthday!!  She’s the BEST!!!!!
  • Having people actually take advantage of my first Clutched & Covered sale (so humbled by that)!!
  • Free Sonic slush for the Houston Texans winning their football game.
  • President Obama winning the election :-).
  • New Julep Maven box; I’m such a nail polish addict, hehe.

I love when y’all share what has made you smile with me too, so do share!  What are some things that made you smile this week?

  • Great post! And Happy Belated Bday to your Mom 🙂 I think Mr. President’s re-election was the biggest thing that made me smile this week 😉


  • Great post as usual! I got my free sunnies from Firmoo this week too!! =D
    Ticka recently posted..Perception…My Profile

  • President Obama being re-elected caused the biggest smile this week. But also hosting an event at Club Monaco and getting some camo pants from Imperfect Concepts. Happy belated to your mom! *heads to Clutched and Covered*
    Mattie recently posted..Mattie Muse: Be HeardMy Profile

  • I’m glad to see you find happiness in the little things!

  • What made me smile this week was also Obama winning the election! My boyfriend stayed up all night until the early morning to watch it and we were so happy! 😀
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