DIY ‘Til Christmas: Phrased Sweatshirt

I’ve been slacking on my DIYs around the blog, so I am challenging myself to share some simple DIYs with y’all that will make for great Christmas gifts throughout the rest of the holiday season :-).  Phrased tees and sweatshirts have been all the rage lately; just take a look around Pinterest.  Considering my current love of sweatshirts and the Fall weather, I thought a phrased sweatshirt would be a great gift for myself and my friends :-).  This is a super simple DIY, like this one and this one from the previous two weeks that certainly anyone can do!

You’ll need:  

  • A sweatshirt (I bought a Hanes one from the boys section at Wal-Mart)
  • Iron
  • Ironing board (I used the a small one I had from my early college days because it allowed me to use the stable table surface)
  • Iron on letters of your choice (The ones I used came from Hobby Lobby)


1.     Preheat the iron, and lay the sweatshirt on flat surface.

2.     Figure out the phrase you want and how you want it to lay out on the sweatshirt.

3.    Use a ruler to try and align the letters evenly.

4.     Iron on the letters according to the directions provided.  Mine simply directed me to press down for 15-20 seconds on the outside and inside of the sweatshirt.


5.     Voila!  You have a super cute phrased sweatshirt that you can wear with anything!  I’m envisioning mine with a pencil skirt or a good pair of jeans and pumps on a casual day :-).  Hopefully over the next few days it’ll cool down enough for me to be able to wear it.

What do you think?  Is this a DIY that you think someone on your gift giving list will enjoy?