Style Is…


Happy hump day my dears!!!  I hope your week has been great so far!  Once I get this final semester project (a website built from scratch in HTML5) finished and turned in by tomorrow, I will be a happy lady!! :-).  Before I got too deep in this final project though, I went to Pinot’s Palette to do some painting while sipping wine for my best friend’s birthday.  I must admit it was 80+ degrees on Saturday, but I wanted to wear my sweatshirt from last week’s DIY ‘Til Christmas post, so I pushed up the sleeves and got my paint on, lol.



Sweatshirt:  Hanes (DIY phrase); Jeans:  GAP; Shoes:  Jessica Simpson (same shoe in lace); Clutch: Unknown- thrifted; Leopard Clutch Cover: Clutched & Covered


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Last week when I shared the post of how I DIY’d this sweatshirt, the lovely folks of Hanes tweeted me asking me to finish the statement. Style Is what? There are many things that I consider style to definitively be:

  • Style is what we do with the fashion that comes down the runway or hangs on the rack in your favorite store.
  • Style is eternal. Fashion fades and changes.
  • Style is personal.
  • Style is what sets you a part from the next person.
  • Style is individualistic (personal style is anyway).
  • Style is for experimenting and taking risk.



As a style blogger, occasional wardrobe consultant, and generally stylish person (or so I’ve been told ;-)), I am often asked about style.  Asked to dress others.  Asked if I consider certain people to be stylish.  While I have my opinions on what a stylish outfit is, my style preferences, what’s hot and what’s not, I can always appreciate individuals with their own style identity.  At the end of the day, Style Is…INDIVIDUALISTIC, left up to individual interpretation.  This is why I left the sweatshirt as an open-ended phrase, so that whoever reads it, can come up with their own answer.


Darlings, you are the definition of your own style.  Please never allow anyone, even me, to dictate the style you choose to share with the world!  Whether it be basic jeans and tee, business professional, or an eclectic mix of vintage and modern, only you can decide what style is.


Do you consider yourself to have style?  Finish the sentence:  Style Is….

  • Melissafff

    Your curves look fab doll luv that sweatshirt

  • I don’t know how I missed this sweatshirt DIY, I LOVE IT!!!! It has given me an idea, thanks boo!

  • Great DIY Rocquelle! Style is individualism for sure. Do what feels right for YOU and makes you confident.
    Taliah Ferguson recently posted..Holiday Gift Guide For Him Under $100My Profile

  • Style is…an opportunity to feel great. And hell yes I think I have style ;).

    Hope your bff’s birthday bash was fun. LOVE that you wore a sweatshirt in 80 degree weather!
    Jamillah recently posted..Smile File-Just Some Emergency Compliments 🙂My Profile

  • Super cute, love those shoes dear.

  • Style is wearing something, and feeling good, feeling happy, feeling like dancing and giggling….Style is what makes you happy…Style is you, Style is me!!!
    Chilel Aissitou recently posted..Stylish Friends: MameMy Profile

  • style is know what you like and don’t like and not giving a crap if anyone else likes it! Style is knowing what works on your body and avoiding what doesn’t despite the trends. it’s being ok with what you wear even if everyone else hates it! style is so many things, but i think a lot of people are afraid to find their own style and just stick with what’s safe.

    also I’m loving your hair in these photos. awesome.
    Em K recently posted..the nightgown dressMy Profile

  • I absolutely love your sweatshirt AND your thoughts on style. My thoughts are essentially the same. I think the best part about style is the differences in it from person to person. Even in a lot of the blogs I read, their styles are wildly different. Some are a little edgier, some are grunge, some are office appropriate, some are designer and some are thrifters. It’s just a great mix and I don’t know that there is necessarily a right or wrong answer!
    Frannie Pantz recently posted..We Livin In Our Last DayMy Profile

  • Nicole DeVaughn

    Style is…what truly lives inside of you–it is creating in our imaginations and then translated/expressed on the outside.

  • Looking good Roquelle!! Love the sweatshirt, as well as what it represents!!

    I do consider myself to have style. Although I can’t really explain what that style is just yet, because I’m still finding out. Every time I think I have it down, it changes up on me =D

    To me, Style is… subjective. Style is… mood altering. Style is… complicated. Style is… versitile.
    Ticka recently posted..Reflections…My Profile

  • So…I absolutely love the sweatshirt and the saying! Hmm…I am the most non-crafty person but if I was, I’d so try that “DIY” project! Looking great!