Where There’s A Will…

HEY THERE my dears!!!  I hope your week has been off to a fantastic start!  Aside from car troubles and trying to fight off a cold/sinus issue, my week has been off to a lovely start :-).



This is what i wore to church on Sunday, and while I thought nothing of throwing this together, apparently this outfit spoke volumes, as it incited a lady to ask me how I afford my clothes.  Crazy, right?!  She asked me if I worked in a store or something that allowed me a discount, lol.  Though I’ve known this lady in some capacity, we aren’t close like that for her to randomly ask me such a question.  People have some nerve these days!  The old me may have had a smart response for her, but God instead used it as an opportunity for me to tell her about my life as a graduate student, blogger, entrepreneur (Clutched & Covered anyone?), and freelancer.  After telling her about these things, along with a select few of my shopping secrets, she said “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”



She is surely right about that!  God is always making a way!!  At the same time, this incident reminded me of the fact that style doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  While there are certainly some designer items I wouldn’t mind having in my closet, I also LOVE knowing that I can look like a million bucks for under $100 (or maybe $200).  While this is topic that deserves a post all its own (or maybe a video!), I certainly wish people would realize that money is not a necessity for being stylish.



Shirt:  Old Navy (similar short sleeve option); Skirt:  Orvis- vintage from Goodwill (similar find on Etsy); Belt:  unknown- Marshall’s (similar); Shoes:  BCBG; Sunglasses:  H&M; Purse: unknown- vintage gift from an estate sale (similar style on Etsy)



What are your thoughts on money and style?  Can you achieve one without the other? Or do you believe in only buying high end items?

P.S.  This post of only smiling pictures is for my girls Reiko and Jamillah who always say they wish I’d share more pictures of me smiling!  I am not a naturally smile all of the time person, but I only used smiling pictures this post just for them :-).

P.P.S.  Don’t forget that tomorrow is the Consider Me Tulled link up!!

  • Well, you look like a million bucks. And money can’t buy that.
    Bella Q recently posted..Fashion, ArmorMy Profile

  • I really like this outfit! and wow at her asking that ahaha. But anyway my favorite shoes! *_*
    EatStylePlay recently posted..Eat: Bacon & Wild Mushroom RisottoMy Profile

  • Awww and i love your smile! Looking cute as usual! And no i dont think you have to spend tons of money to be stylish. I love bargains, thrift stores and sales and the occasional splurge. I think you can be creative and look uber stylish all while NOT breaking the bank. 🙂
    Taliah Ferguson recently posted..Western LaceMy Profile

  • I absolutely believe that you can be stylish without spending a lot of money. I think that with a little creativity and a bit of savvy you can look fantastic while still being frugal.
    Nessbow recently posted..Things I love Thursday 11/4/2013My Profile

  • I LOVE YOU SMILING! This post really made me so so happy. Thank you friend. The first thought when I landed on this post is “oh yay! rocquelle is smily here!”

    Even though you may not be a smiley all the time kind of person I always do think of you as a person who has a brilliant light and a big heart and for me you smiling really suits what I think of you way more :). Obvi you’re beautiful in any way you please but I really do heart your smile times a million.

    That was bold of that lady! People let crazy things come out of their mouth! I totally know for a fact that you don’t need money to have great style.
    Jamillah recently posted..Ha I Made It!-DIY New Candles from Old CandlesMy Profile

  • your shoes are killlleerrr! *swoon* 🙂
    Your hair is also super cool girly!


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  • LOL!!! I noticed the smiling too even before I got to end of the post! Your smile makes me happy!!!!

    ANd can I just say that those shoes are perfect every single time you wear them. They instantly whatever look you are wearing up a notch!

    Yay for all smiling posts! I took full credit for it!

    And I soooo agree about style not being about name brands/money.

  • Exactly! You can definitely find marvellous and stylish pieces without breaking the bank! :)/Madison

  • You got that right! I am an avid thrifter, a mother of three and work as a paralegal. I don’t have the money to throw around on clothes, but I love thrifting awesome pieces that will last forever. I love your style and in fact prefer the style of thrifters to designer ones. They just seem more creative and attainable. Love the stripes and floral!
    Frannie Pantz recently posted..Share the Covers–Wicked GamesMy Profile

  • You look amazing my friend. We live in outspoken & curious world. If I didn’t know you I would think your clothes cost a million bucks. It’s all about how one carries themselves. I see celebs (using term loosely) in designer duds that look like they came from Melrose or one of those cheap places. Keep styling on them & speaking the gospel of looking fabulous without breaking the bank.

  • Nicole

    That smile, those shoes, and those curls….LOVE IT!!

  • I couldn´t agree more with you, my gorgeous, Rocquelle.
    SACRAMENTO recently posted..Neutral TransparentMy Profile