Emotional Dresser

Hi. My name is Rocquelle, and I’m an emotional dresser.  This means that what I wear has to speak to my mood, has to feel good once I put it on, or a combination of both.  I have  a hard time planning outfits, because my mood changes from day to day.  On most days this means I wear the first thing that comes to mind, but on days like two Sundays ago, this meant that I went through a few outfits before finding one that aligned with how I was feeling and made me happy, lol.





Top:  American Apparel; Pearls:  Vintage- from my Granny; Skirt: Hub Bub- vintage c/o Black Boutique; Belt:  Express; Shoes:  GUESS; Clutch: Unknown- thrifted; Leopard Clutch Cover- Clutched & Covered





Are you an emotional dresser?  Do your clothes have to speak to you and for you?  Or do you easily plan outfits without consulting your feelings first ;-)?

Today’s  Tip:  A metallic shoe is a great way to add neutrality to an outfit with lots of colors and more than one print.

  • Katie-Gray

    My sister (Emily, t-615) just turned me on to your blog. Fabulous. Love love love!

  • http://www.embracingtherealme.com Carsedra McKoy

    Well shoot I’m an emotional dresser everyday, lol, I hardly ever pick out outfits ahead of time because i usually end up changing my mind!!!! (very sad)

    Carsedra McKoy:

  • http://msmadge.blogspot.co.uk Chinwags and Tittle-Tattles

    Same here! My mood dictates what I’m gonna wear for the day.
    And I find that in winter, I try to include something bright in my outfit just to lift the mood and give me some ‘sun’ :)
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  • http://Www.godsfavoriteshoes.com GFS

    My friend is so stylish!

  • http://wendybrandes.com/blog/ WendyB

    You have such a tiny waist! So pretty!
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  • http://Ebbyj.blogspot.com Ebony

    Love this outfit!
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  • http://fashionpho.blogspot.com Jacqueline

    i’m very much an emotional dresser, but, i think it can go the other way as well; planning an outfit that you know will evoke a certain mood in you (like a nice party outfit knowing it’ll make you feel happy when you get to the party) is also important. anyway, awesome skirt.
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