2014 Is Not MY Year

With the start of every new year, people chime on about it being “my year” and “your year,” year after year.  However, it seems that I saw people proclaiming 2014 to be “their year” on my social media timelines more than ever.  While I am glad to see people being inspired, motivated, and empowered about the start of new year.  I decided to be real with myself.  2014 will not be MY year!




Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited about what 2014 has in store!  I have some really wonderful projects I am working on that I only thought about in 2013 and didn’t act on, that I look forward to sharing with you all soon (sign up for my newsletter why don’t ya ;-)), and I’m at great peace with my life right now, even if my life is not perfect, which was certainly not the case at the start of 2013.  BUT, 2014 is not MY year or YOUR year; I won’t feed you that crap.  It’s EVERYONE’S year!!




Blazer: Investments- vintage (similar); Shorts: Unknown- used to be my guy friend’s pants; Sweatshirt:  Old Navy- DIY crop;  Booties:  Sam Edelman- ℅ Shopbop (sold out, but get them here)



2014 is an opportunity for everyone to go after those dreams, goals, and visions, that were only a thought in 2013 (or even last week).  It’s a chance for everyone to let the people in your life know you love and appreciate them more than you did in previous years.  It’s the time for everyone to work HARD to turn dreams into realities.  It’s a year that everyone will take chances and think outside the box.  It’s a reason for everyone to stop talking about it, and simply DO IT.



Darlings, 2014 is not MY year, but it shall be pretty awesome!! 🙂

What are some things you are aiming to do in 2014 (big or small)?  We can inspire each other!

  • Reiko (GFS)

    I really have been thinking about getting those boots. They are so good and look comfy. I’m trying to avoid buying shoes unless I keep obsessing about them…and these are in constantly on my mind.

  • Baby Shopaholic

    I’m going to need to get those boots! Happy 2014!

  • Reiko

    I enjoy this outfit, those legs, these photos, that hair and the message!