HEY there lovelies!!  Happy Friday to you! I hope you’ve had a great week.  I’ve been trying to recover from a sinus/cold/flu situation for the last week, but I’m feeling WAY better than  I did a week ago, which is a win in my book :-).  Every week I share pictures (via Instagram, or my regular iPhone camera) of things that made me smile.

These are some things that made me smile this week:

  • Photoshoot silliness, lol.


  • Flowers and medicine from a friend :-).


  • Seeing my blogger pal, Brittani at the church she attends.


  • Being reminded that God never changes!


  • Workout Monday!


  • A lovely lunch with the folks of VO5.



What are some things that made you smile this week dears?

  • Kuukua Y

    I just discovered your blog via yaba blay’s. where do i sign up for updates?

  • Nathalie

    Your red lips are IMPECCABLE!!!!! Not sure why some people make being nasty to others their full time job… As a matter of fact, please share the name and brand so I can go cop it too! The color is perfection and your style is pretty dope. Please continue to empower other women.

  • Ivan

    I think you are beautiful and your blog is excellent. Keep on striving and let the haters hate.

  • Ben David Richardson II

    I just saw a post about the negative comments, I just want to say that you are a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, and what you are doing is Beautiful as well. No one can do what you do so you have to. You are a gift to this life time from GOD Allllllmighty and don’t forget that. Many times in the past I felt so low because of what someone else said to me, and no one knew how I was feeling but GOD. Until I started to Love myself. This is not a come on to you but to encourage you to keep moving forward in your Beauty, Talents and Gifts. GOD’s opinion about you is the only one that counts. Love ya
    Pastor Ben Richardson II / 🙂

  • Willbaforce

    Hey how gorgeous are you? Firstly loving your style! Fierce…Secondly YOU KEEP ROCKING THAT RED LIPSTICK YOU HEAR ME! I love it on you. I happened upon the Madame Noire article on FB about the negative comments you received and I felt compelled to write to you personally. I loved your response. Well done! Such an eloquent and dignified response. People can be so mean and you could have fired back in an angry way but you delivered you really delivered. To think that the event you went to was about empowerment but strangers felt the need to try and belittle you?? WTH it beggars belief! Anyway I hope that you gain more followers as a result of this episode. Your response by the way has really made me smile! You go Rocquelle!

  • Whitney ‘Nic’ James

    You always make me smile! I love the positivity you spread on social media. Have a great weekend!

  • Nessbow

    This week I’m smiling about meeting one of my oldest online friends. We’ve been reading each other’s blogs and emailing back and forth for nearly five years, and yesterday we met in person for the first time. I had a blast.
    I’m also smiling about cool breezes and iced tea (we’re in the middle of a heat wave here in Australia).