A Scent Is Born: Lunching with VO5

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a luncheon with the lovely people from VO5 and some fellow Houston bloggers.  As you may have noticed, I’m not generally one for attending events and sharing them on the blog, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to lunch with a brand I’ve known about since childhood.  Am I the only one who remembers the VO5 commercials from back in the day or had her mom use the hot oil treatment on her hair?!






We had the most delightful lunch at Artisan, in Midtown, while discussing the all things VO5 and fragrance development.  The company, VO5 is preparing to launch their next product fragrance, and wanted our input.  Smelling and discussing the various scents was right up my alley of girliness :-).  They provided three scents for us to share our thoughts and opinions on:


 This scent reminded me of flowing chiffon and clothes fresh out of the dryer!

Top: pink lady apple, watermelon, sunflower

Mid: lotus flower, jasmine, leafy greens

Dry: vanilla woods, beech wood, musk


 Can we say sweet fruity tropical getaway?!  That’s what this scent instantly made me think of!

Top: pacific rose apple, white peach, velvet tuberose

Mid: white peony, heliotrope, waterlily

Dry: musk, amber, cashmere wood



Imagine a walk through the woods, the romantic pretty kind, lol, and that would be scent #3 for me :-).

Top: Mara strawberry, royal Anne cherry,

Mid: golden raspberry jasmine, violet leaf, sakura blossom

Dry: musk, vanilla, white woods

I would tell you guys which was my favorite, but VO5 actually wants to hear from you!  Based on the images and what I’ve shared about the fragrances, which would you pick?!

“Fragrance is both inspirational and transpirational.”Rose of VO5 Fragrance Development