My Body, Your Body

Let me be real; I’m a curvy gal.  My hips are wide, my calves are big (I must find cute boots for big calves by next winter!), My thighs are juicy, and my rack is decent, and I have some junk in the trunk, lol.  Honestly, I LOVE being this way.  As a former, size 2/4, I enjoy having just the “right” amount of softness, hehe.  I have to be honest, this was not always the case.  When I first began to gain weight, post-college, I was totally freaking out, calling my then boyfriend (we were living in different states) hysterical because amy jeans weren’t fitting, and my thighs were getting larger, lol.  I can laugh now, because I must’ve sounded crazy.




Blazer:  Victoria’s Secret- thrifted (try this or this); Blouse:  Poet by Nicola (similar); Jeans:  Old Navy; Shoes:  Rebecca Minkoff ℅ Shopbop (sold out, but you can get them here)




You see, body image is a tricky thing.  We look in the mirror, picking and prodding at our bodies until we feel like what we are currently working with isn’t good enough, until  we feel like we have to change our bodies before we can shop, until our confidences diminishes.  I never quite went through the I’m not shopping until I reach a certain size phase, but I certainly became very self-conscious and insecure, and I know this is something that not only I went through.  Big or small, tall or short, thick, or slender, body image issues can attack us all, but we must remember that we are perfectly imperfect.  We are wonderfully made, all to have differing body types, skin tones, hair textures, eye colors, etc, and we must be confident in those differences. If confidence is lacking, then we need to work on fixing that (shoot me an email, :-).




“Style is nothing if you don’t love the body you’re dressing.” – Rocquelle P.

  • Nessbow

    This is such a great discussion point. I was extremely petite in high school, and I freaked out when I began gaining weight as I got older. Now, I’m certainly not big, but I’m definitely bigger than I was and that sometimes plays havoc with my self esteem. I think a lot of women struggle with the inevitable changes that occur to our bodies as we get older. Thanks so much for being so open about your journey.

  • great outfit, very pretty and your blazer is wicked. Totally agree with you about the body love thing, I’ve been plus size most of my adult life, and I’m actually totally fine with it. I still find amazing outfits and have great style. 😉

  • Well this has nothing to do with your body but those boots are ON point! I’ve been a big girl all my life at one point I lost weight I was glowing, working out twice a day and then I feel off. I felt so bad but eventually I started to love what I have going on. Now I really embrace it regardless if I’m big or losing weight currently. At the end of the day nobody will love you if you don’t love yourself first. You def can’t show off that confidence in an amazing outfit without loving what you have. It reads all over your face and that’s what I love about most of the blogs I read. You can see it in their eyes that they love their bodys so the clothes look even better.

  • Reiko (GFS)

    Amen Sister. And how I love this whole outfit.