No Tomorrow

This weekend I went to the funeral of a man who died with no one by his side, without anyone knowing he was dead for several days, if not a week or two.   A friend of mine has lost two uncles back to back. Back in January, one of my fellow young adult choir members at church was murdered by her husband in a domestic violence incident, and I’d just seen a few weeks before.  I’ve noticed via social media and even watching the news, that people are dying left to right, young, old, and in between.  These observations of death, may they all rest peacefully, remind me that tomorrow is not a guarantee.


We often take life for granted, not intentionally, but just as flawed human beings.  We don’t take moments take in God’s natural beauty around us.  We don’t call or text our loved ones to check on them.  We don’t take risk with our hearts and follow our passions.  We don’t make time to enjoy life because we are so busy grinding and hustling.  We don’t let people know how we truly feel.  We don’t strive to be a light in a dark world.  The list could go on and on.


Duster: Pegasus- vintage from Decades  Sweater:  Old Navy (similar); Skirt:  Forever 21 (similar); Shoes:  Zara; Necklace:  Crazy & Co.


I’ve always strived to appreciate each day, but after my domestic violence incident 1.5 years ago, my perspective shifted in a  way that I never expected.  I’m sure my load ones get tired of my mushy calls and texts; I’m always looking for a reason to smile; I am chasing my dreams like never before; I’m taking time to smell the roses, literally and figuratively; and  I’m simply striving to live a life of no regrets.  Living in the reality that tomorrow is not promised, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have goal and plans, but it certainly means that we should not take life for granted, nor the legacy we want to leave behind.  Today is as good a day as any to take life by the horns and ride each day like you might fall of the bull! (pardon my country reference; I am from Texas, after all, lol)



What do you do to embrace each day that you are blessed to live?

  • imperfctconcept

    Very great post with lots of great insight on life. People really don’t think life can be over. I would hate to be in heaven wishing I lived a little more.

    as always your outfit is the

  • Wow, a lot of death indeed. I remember going to high school and kids my age where dying left and right, it was such a dark time around the school and at the time I just thought, make sure you do what you can to have fun because you never know. I ended up getting out of that school, and a friend of mine that i normally hang around was killed outside of the school. I thank the universe that I wasn’t around to witness because I don’t know that I could have handled it, but it def made me want to live more and make sure I had fun. That year I decided that I would go to college my senior year even though I had no want to go.

    Now this outfit ma’am. I love it! I how you mixed it with some modern pieces. I still can’t find a cute skirt like that, I’ve been looking on pinterest to sew my own.

  • So sorry to hear about this. Loss is never easy … yes, nobody is promised tomorrow, that’s why we must live as if we aren’t promised another day or “take life by the horns,” as you say! You just never know. Have a peaceful and productive week.

  • I’m very sorry for your loss. It’s so sad when someone passes away unexpectedly.

  • This has a very strong and powerful message Rocquelle and thank you for writing it. I agree with you. I also love your jacket and cute belt. x