Ladylike Deception

We look at television, in magazines, and at people in our communities, and assume that what we see is real.  We assume that Jay-Z and Beyonce have the perfect marriage (I am totally guilty of this one, lol); we role with the assumption that the bodies displayed in magazines are real; we assume that because a person has financial success, that they are happy, or that this skirt is not a dress.  Well, this is a dress worn as a skirt (similar to last week’s post), images in magazines are heavily photoshopped, and I’m sure that Beyonce and Jay-Z at least disagree sometimes :-).  However, often we only take things at face value, never considering what the reality may be.




Dress:  c/o Eshakti- *last worn in this post* (similar skirt); Shirt:  Zara; Shoes:  Dollhouse- Park Boutique (get them in black); Multicolor Tribal Circles Clutch Cover: Clutched & Covered





“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.” -Leonardo Di Vinci




Sometimes people look happy on the outside, but they are suffering on the incise; sometimes people seem to have it all together, but their lives are really a mess, a person that we think is stuck up may just be shy, and sometimes, what looks to be a skirt is really a dress.  We must be slower to jump to conclusions about people and situations, and maybe read some of the book instead of judging the cover.