Dear Blogger

Dear blogger, you are AWESOME.  Whether you have 5 readers, or 10 million, you ROCK.  The blogosphere is saturated.  I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t, but the thing that makes your blog special, is YOU.  Even when there are know comments, please know that someone, somewhere, took a peek at what you wrote today, what outfit you shared, the yummy food recipe or fitness tips, the story about your kids, the musings about your dating life.  Someone saw that post, and in doing so, you have left your mark.


Shirt:  XHilaration- Target; Skirt:  Mossimo- Target; Jacket:  Prophecy- vintage from Goodwill; Shoes:  Nine West- Macy’s; Multicolor Brushstrokes Clutch Cover- Clutched & Covered


Readers, I am certainly not trying to neglect you in this post, but as a blogger sometimes, I want to shut this thing down.  I wonder if it matters what I am saying; does my outfit really inspire some to mix things up in the wardrobe department, or empower a woman to lover her body just a little more?  I kid you not, EVERY TIME I’ve considered closing down Consider Me Lovely, I’ve received an email, comment on a blog or social media posting, or a random call from a friend, that reminded me of why my blog matters, and I am forever grateful and humbled by those moments.


So today, I just wanted to let you know, that, regardless of the topics, number of comments you have, quality of your images, how much money you do or don’t make, or how many pageviews you receive, YOUR BLOG MATTERS.