Fear or Faith…

Faith or fear… we have to choose one.  Faith is the absence of fear; therefore, they cannot coexist  in our lives.  We have to make a decision to stop worrying, to stop being afraid, and just do it.   Just step out on faith, and go for the unseen!



Whatever it is that you’re trying to do, thinking about doing, considering going for, wishing you had time to do, procrastinating on, have been scared to go for, I encourage you to just give stepping out on faith a try.  You may not know what will happen next, but possibility that this thing that you’ve been afraid of won’t turn out horrible, is a great reason o give it a try :-).  If you don’t try, you’ll never really know how amazing things could turn out.  Most of us are afraid to take a step of faith because we are afraid that we might fail, but the true failure scone sin never trying.


Tee:  Well Worn- Target; Pants:  Faded Glory- thrifted from Valu Village (similar); Shoes:  Dollhouse- Park Boutique (get them in black); Clutch-Clutched & Covered (email me to order)



Whatever it is, now’s the time to embrace faith, and let go of fear.   The fear will only keep you from walking into your greatness and everything that you were put on this earth to be. Lovelies, what better day than today to change our way of thinking and stop trying to allow fear and faith to coexist in our minds and hearts.  Today,  just go for it; take the faith based risk!


So, tell me!  What are some things that you have been allowing fear to keep you from doing?   How will you now step out on faith to make them happen?

  • 1st, I love the pics. The trampoline idea was genius (and your outfit is fab)! 2nd, love the content of this post. I’ve been stepping out on faith in a lot of ways lately and while it’s scary, I’m glad I decided to do so. Happy Friday…XO!


  • wearing heels on a trampoline! Love it! Hahha, I love your scarf too and your wise words. I choose faith – hence I’m taking huge risks with starting a clothing label. I love your inspiring posts Rocquelle. 😀