Black + White

I tend to be a black or white person in many areas of my life, I either like you or I don’t, I tend to be either happy or sad, I’m either really into a project or simply don’t want to do it.  There doesn’t tend to be a gray area.  Now, I can’t always exhibit the black and whiteness of it all, as I do have to function in this life, lol, but I like what I like and don’t what I don’t.  Maybe that’s why when I stick to simple color palettes in outfits (which rarely happens, lol), I go for black or white.  🙂



Dress:  I can’t rememebr- Macy’s (similar); Duster:  vintage; Shoes:  Lulu Townsend- DSW


Clutch:  Clutched & Covered



Do you have a gray area?  Or do you tend to see things in black and white like me?

  • I am mostly a gray area girl. I just have too many questions about life, and always trying to defy status quos! Your outfit is classic and I do like the duster very much.

  • imperfctconcept

    Very beautiful look. I am an all black or all white girl. hardly every mix them together. ha

  • Lovely. Great, bold accessories.

  • Magnificent as always! I pretty black and white too! It either is or it isn’t!

  • loving the vintage duster!! You look great!!

  • Gorgeous look. I think I’m black and white as well.